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The Making of YouTube for Kids

YouTube is making things more kids friendly! No one could have predicted that Google would become one of the world’s most powerful corporations when the startup company began in 1996. However, their amazing Android smart device platform and powerful search engine have made the company While the video sharing site isn’t technically a true search engine, it is one of the web’s most visited sites. Learn more about YouTube for Kids.

YouTube for Kids

While searching on YouTube, one misspelled word can result in a child seeing something he or she shouldn’t. Therefore, Google recently released a YouTube for Kids application that only shows videos that are appropriate for children. YouTube for kids is a useful tool to introduce educational videos into their daily routines. The app also features a built-in timer which can limit the amount of time the children can spend surfing for videos. This way, the parent doesn’t seem like the villain when it’s time for dinner or bed. This tactic may be more effective with younger children, because those already in grade school might realize the parents are setting the time limit.

Kids YouTube Videos

While YouTube is known as an entertaining site, there are a number of educational videos which help children learn to read, write and count. Google does permit the inclusion of adult-oriented videos, but YouTube is primarily dedicated to family content. The most popular videos on the site are those featuring children and pets doing something cute or funny. These videos are appropriate for the entire family and the young children are especially fond of these cute videos. However, there are also videos specifically dedicated to elementary and preschool children. In fact, there are entire virtual networks that are designed to entertain and educate small kids.


HooplaKidz is a YouTube channel that was established in 2010. The channel features three unique animated characters Annie, her pet dog Ben and the monkey Mango. This is a channel for toddlers and preschoolers at it features a lot of signing and nursery rhymes. HooplaKidz actually consists of five different channels: HooplaKidz Lab, Sing Along, How To, Recipes and Style. The style channel is dedicated to the latest fashion trends for children. The lab channel is dedicated to teaching the children about science. The how to channel is dedicated to arts and crafts and children may need parents present to work with the glue and scissors. The recipes channel is dedicated to teaching children about eating healthy, but the sing along channel is by far the most popular.

YouTube Kids Songs

HooplaKidz has a sing along channel dedicated to teaching children the lyrics of unique songs. Some of them are more educational and some of them are more entertaining. However, all of them are designed to engage and entertain children. HooplaKidz is one of YouTube for kids channels, but there are others.

Captain Discovery is another popular kids-dedicated channel on YouTube. Captain Discovery goes on a series of adventures and teaches children different lessons through song and dance. This is a good channel to complement the YouTube for Kids app. It focuses on education, and toddlers absolutely adore the colorful characters. However, the best children’s channel on YouTube may be the original educational and entertaining children’s show: Sesame Street.

The Sesame Street Channel

“Sunny Days Chasing the clouds away” are some of the most recognizable song lyrics in the world. Generation after generation have grown up with Sesame Street’s Big Bird, Oscar and Cookie Monster. Now the iconic children’s show has its own YouTube channel dedicated to teaching the academic fundamentals to children.  Parents can now set the latest app from Google to bring back educational Sesame Street videos.

Kids can can now enjoy watching the most popular Sesame Street character. Elmo seems like a child, but he has been on the show for more than three decades. His adorable face and alluring, cute voice has made him the most recognized of all the Sesame Street puppets. He can make learning seem like fun, and the children couldn’t enjoy him more. They love watching the lively puppet interact with the real people like Gordon and Maria.

YouTube in Moderation

When the Back to the Future II Movie first showed Marty McFly telling the television what shows he wanted to see, people marveled at the amazing entertainment system. However, YouTube for kids has made this type of selective watching a reality. It has its ups and downs as many of the videos on YouTube feature questionable material. Thankfully, there are also a plethora of educational videos that will also entertain small children.

However, parents still need to regulate the amount of time they permit their children to watch the videos. Screens normally emit blue light. Too much blue light isn’t good for the eyes, because it’s actually much brighter than most people realize. Blue light also prevents children from being able to get to sleep. Like all things, educational videos on YouTube should only be watched in moderation.

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