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Boy Stands Up to YouTube Bullies and Gets a White House Invitation

YouTube Bullies

A young man stands up to YouTube bullies and ends up with an invitation to the white house. 

Logan Fairbanks is a normal 11-year old who occasionally makes funny videos with his father for his YouTube channel. Knowing that the YouTube crown can often be a tad (or very) cruel, the father tried the monitor the feedback his and his son’s videos received, with the intention of protecting his son from their negativity. The father told BuzzFeed,

“Foolishly, I suppose, I thought I could shield him from the worst of the worst. For awhile I was able to do so, but after a few of our videos became popular, he would watch them on his own and see some of the horrible things being written to and about him.”

But one can’t escape the ugliness forever. Soon enough, the young Fairbanks started seeing the awful face of YouTube bullying all by himself. Being the strong boy he is, though, he decided to stand up against it.

“I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I’ve seen people say really mean things to really nice people for no reason. I wondered if the people saying those things had ever watched someone read them.”

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So Logan recorded himself reading all the cruel and hurtful comments people left him and his father on their videos. He looked visibly pained but also very courageous as he read the insults and the jokes made on his expense out loud.

The insults were various. Some called him fat, “a pig” and “a stupid fatso” and some threw remarks like “I hope he dies of cancer.” Why would any sensible person wish cancer upon a child for not liking their video? We don’t know. But Logan knew what to say about it. At the beginning and end of his video Logan explains his motives. He made this video to show the bullies how it is like to read something as hurtful and hateful as their comments. He also made it to show other bullied kids that they shouldn’t let such words affect them.

Logan’s video has gone wild on YouTube, with more than 800.000 views and counting. It then caught the attention of someone pretty important. White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett tweeted to Logan and his father applauding the young man’s courage and assuring him that he’s “stronger than anyone’s hurtful words.” On July 11th, she tweeted again:

“If you’re ever in DC, pls stop by the @WhiteHouse and say hi. Logan may be a future occupant one day.”

The family are currently in “awe” with the offer, reported to be trying to raise money to visit Washington and take the White House up on their offer.

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