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Your Child and Pornography

Your Child and Pornography

Another serious issue of Cyber Bullying is child pornography. No parents would entertain thoughts of this happening to their own kids but the reality is that it happens and as long as your child is an internet user chances are that he or she will be approached while online. The good news is that if you have already talked and advised your child on how to handle such matters, they will not allow the situation to progress further. Protect your loved ones from child pornography now!
The law also protects against these indecent acts and the parents should report any of the following situations to the police as soon as possible:

  • If you find evidence of your child being sexually solicited online or offline by someone who is clearly aware that the child is under age.
  • If you find that someone has been sending sexually explicit pictures to your child knowing very well that he or she is under the age of 18.
  • If your child has been sent child pornography material.

Any parents who find their children involved is any or all of the situations discussed above should be extremely careful so as not to delete any evidence on their children’s computers or phones. This will go a long way in helping the relevant authorities to catch up with the responsible party. Another reality is that your child could already be involved in cyber relationships, if this happens to be the case, it is very important to get them help as soon as possible. This is where family and teen counsellors come in handy; they will not only address the issue but will also help the child deal with the issues that made them seek out such a relationship in the first place.

Your Child and Pornography: Protecting Your Children – Control Devices

While bullying and cyber bullying in particular has been causing a lot of distress and damage to not only the victims but their parents as well, the positive side is that there is a lot that parents can do to keep their loved ones safe. One method that these parents can employ is by using some helpful and quite effective software in the market. Such software is meant to monitor the online activities of the teens and pre-teens making it easier for the parents and guardians know what they are usually up to.

Discussed below are some software options that are available in the market today for blocking pornography:

  • Filtering softwarethis kind of software is meant to block out or filter websites, content, pop-ups, explicit images, newsgroups, chats, file sharing and everything else that is unsafe for your child. The truth is that these programs cannot be trusted to keep out everything 100% which is why the parents should still instil guidelines. The positive side about these programs is that they will allow you set anything you approve including useful applications like Word, Excel and others you may find appropriate while locking out anything that you do not approve of.
  • Parental time control devices – this is a very useful program that will help parents control the amount of time their children spend online and the programs that they should be able to access. These programs will also allow the parent to set the amount of time their children should spend online either playing games, browsing, emailing and chatting. They will also allow the parent to control their kids whether there are home or away. Getting these programs will also allow you as a parent to block or filter websites you find inappropriate, block keyword searches that you choose and lock the control panel so that the child will not be able to make any changes they wish.
  • Monitoring software – monitoring software does not function like the filtering and blocking software, instead, they monitor the sites your children are trying to access. Since most of them will offer remote access, parents will receive emails alerting them the log activities of your teen or pre-teen. The parents or guardians will therefore be able to authorize or prohibit a visit to these sites or a file download. Most of these programs will also save screen shots, keystrokes and passwords. It is wise to let your child know that you are monitoring their internet activities beforehand to avoid any future conflicts.

While it is true that these control devices will go a long way in keeping parents up to date with their children’s online activities, they can never and should never be allowed to stand in for good parenting. A good parent should get to know their children’s internet favourites personally.

Spread the word on the need to protect your child from Pornography!

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