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You Look Disgusting: Beauty Blogger Campaigns against Bullying

You look disgusting

A beauty blogger sends a  powerful message to cyberbullies with a strong before-vs-after make up video launching the You Look Disgusting campaign. 

Em Ford, currently a beauty blogger, is a former model who looks absolutely beautiful but has been struggling with acne for years. Recently she has posted pictures of herself make-up free in tutorials to cover acne and on her Instagram. The comments were nothing short of horrid.

According to Em, she received reactions from more than 100,000 users. The comments included cruel remarks, insults, and generally very negative responses: “Her face is so ugly,” “Seriously, has she ever washed her face?” along with the less eloquent “gross” and “eww.”

In the video, Em then starts applying make up. With all the acne concealed, the comments seem to take a different turn: “You look amazing,” “So stunning,” “So perfect.” But the glamour fades quickly as more bullies intervene to comment on the transformation, calling her make up “false advertising.” Take a look at Em’s video.

The video launched a campaign called You Look Disgusting, where many users shared their experience with make up in the #youlookdisgusting hashtag. Women were made to feel bad for how they naturally looked, and when they attempted to enhance it, they were also bullied for it.

In a later interview with BBC Trending, Em explained that her message was that no one is perfect. No beauty is flawless and the media standards are an illusion. Em commented on the reactions to her before and after pictures saying that without make up, you were often called ugly; with make up, you’re often called fake. There is no pleasing the crowds.

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For some, make up can be the only way they can deal with the outside word. Although we would actively encourage every girl to fall in love with her own skin, and feel beautiful without the need of any external help, we cannot assign blame to women who find comfort and confidence in using make up. Women should not be condemned for trying to feel good about themselves, whatever is the means they use for that. And to each his own. You are beautiful.

Have you got an experience with make up? Share your story with us!

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