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Have Some Fun with This World Cup Quiz

World Cup Quiz

The World Cup, the international soccer tournament, is one of the most exciting sports events in the world. Soccer is a very widely played international sport. While it has been increasing in popularity in the United States, South American and European countries have embraced the sport for years. Soccer tournaments are known to draw hundreds of thousands of spectators each year who are passionate about their country’s teams as well as the game itself. Test your knowledge and learn more with this world cup quiz. 

What Is the World Cup?

The World Cup is an international soccer tournament that is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards that can be won for any type of sport. While hockey has the Stanley Cup, baseball the World Series and tennis has the Wimbledon Cup, the World Cup is often thought of as the most coveted of all athletic awards. FIFA sponsors the World Cup and is one of the largest soccer organization in the world. FIFA stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association. It is the governing body of soccer and is based in Zurich, Switzerland. FIFA has 209 active members that represent the organization and act as agents for their respective countries.

How Often Is It Held?

Part of the reason the World Cup is so sought after is that the tournament is only played once every four years. Teams from all over the world compete for the award. Each year athletic teams spend every game honing their skills in an attempt to make it to the finals. The World Cup is similar to the Olympic games in certain respects. As the most important, single event in sports,it is held every four years allows the teams to prepare and acquire the athletes they need to adequately compete with the best soccer players in the world.

Past Winners

The past winners of the World Cup are the elite of the soccer community. They include:

  • 2014 – Germany over Argentina 1 – 0
  • 2010 – Spain over the Netherlands 1 – 0
  • 2006 – Italy over France 1 – 1
  • 2002 – Brazil over Germany 2 – 0
  • 1998 – France over Brazil 3 – 0
  • 1994 – Brazil over Italy 0 – 0
  • 1990 – West Germany over Argentina 1 – 0
  • 1986 – Argentina over West Germany 3 – 2
  • 1982 – Italy over West Germany 3 – 1
  • 1978 – Argentina over the Netherlands 3 – 1
  • 1974 – West Germany over the Netherlands 2 – 1
  • 1970 – Brazil over Italy 4 – 1

When it comes to the most wins, Brazil comes first with 5 wins. Germany and Italy both have 4 wins. While the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Sweden have all made it to the prestigious tournament, none of them have ever won the tournament. When creating a FIFA World Cup quiz, the list of winners and the number of times each team or country has won are often key questions.

American Football vs. International Football

In the United States, American football has taken precedence over European soccer in both popularity and revenues. Outside of the United States, the word “football” is commonly used for soccer. Because soccer is quickly gaining popularity in the United States, many people have started watching international soccer events as well. Learning to differentiate between American football and international football is important so there is no confusion between which sport is being spoken of.

American football is governed by the National Football League or the NFL. FIFA governs international football or soccer play. Sometimes looking for the letters NFL and FIFA will help you determine which type of football is being played, especially if the game is being played in the United States. FIFA leagues normally play a wide variety of international teams from across the world, including Brazil, the Netherlands, Sweden, West Germany, France and Italy. NFL teams primarily play only teams that are from within the United States.

Common World Cup Quiz Questions

World Cup Quiz questions and answers can be extremely entertaining. A few of the most common questions include:

  • What was the best finish for the United States in any World Cup finals? They placed third in the 1930 competition.
  • What is Pele’s rank when it comes to overall scoring in World Cup competitions? Pele ranks 5th.
  • What year did France first host the World Cup? In 1938.
  • Who is scheduled to host the 2018 World Cup competition? Russia
  • Who is scheduled to host the 2022 World Cup competition? Qatar
  • How many World Cup competitions has the United States qualified for since 1990? All of them.
  • At what World Cup competition did a mascot first appear? It was in 1966 and the mascot’s name was Willie.
  • In what year’s World Cup competition was every continent represented? In 1982, 24 nations competed in the World Cup competition. Every continent of the globe was represented.
  • In what year did the United States receive its biggest loss? The United States was defeated by Italy in 1934 by a final score of 7 – 1.
  • Who is the only player to ever appear in two different World Cups, each time playing for a different team? Luis Monti. He played for Argentina in 1930 and for Italy in 1934.
  • What United States player has played the most World Cup games? Eddie Pope is the only United States defender to play in 9 World Cup competitions.
  • What year did England both host and win the World Cup competition? England hosted and won the event in 1966.
  • What four European teams participated in the first ever World Cup competition? Only four teams from Europe competed in the first World Cup tournament. They were Belgium, France, Romania and Yugoslavia.
  • For the 2014 World Cup, what slogan was chosen? “All in one Rhythm”
  • What African country was the first to reach the quarterfinals in 1990? Cameroon
  • How many World Cup titles has Italy won? Italy has won 4 titles.

FIFA Statistics

When creating a European football quiz, it is important to include a wide variety of statistics. Because soccer is a global or international sport, statistics from every country that has competed can be included in the quiz. Since its inception, there has only been two years that the World Cup was not held according to schedule. World War II disrupted World Cup play in both 1942 and 1946. The involvement of most European countries in the war prevented a fair showing and the governing body decided to forego holding the games until peace time returned.

The FIFA archives holds a myriad of statistics for both the games as well as the teams. As the main sponsor and governing body of the World Cup competition, FIFA has the largest overall archive of information pertaining to the game of soccer or European football. FIFA, itself has created several quizzes and games which are designed to teach children and adults about the sport and its very unique history. FIFA World Cup trivia can be used to help coaches teach up and coming soccer athletes the rich history of the game as well as providing information about many of the players who made the game what it is today.

One of the most famous soccer players in the world was Pele. Pele played for Brazil for the majority of his soccer career. He was extremely competitive and was well known for his sportsmanship. He was such a favorite for so many years, that when most people in the United States are asked to name a famous soccer player, the most common answer received is Pele!

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