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Interesting Workplace Bullying Cases

Workplace Bullying Cases

A female working for a law school admits that she has been bullied extensively by her boss. To begin with, the boss never liked her from the get go, which makes one wonder why she hired her in the first place. She would be yelled at in front of her coworkers, causing her a great deal of embarrassment. At times, she would be called in her boss’s office only to be given sacking threats. She was also discouraged from being found in any association with her coworkers. When she attempted to draft a complaint letter to the HR, she was fired before she made a formal complaint. Consequently, she has no any legal backing to seek legal redress. Learn information on Workplace Bullying Cases!

In another case, an employee of a given company had his coworkers turned against him. The mastermind also undermined the victim and could act in his position whenever he wasn’t around. Whenever they were together with the teammates, he could make funny comments directly attacking the co-worker. It even went to the extent of falsifying evidence to implicate the victim for gross misconduct, which eventually led to his sacking. The reason for all this was that the victim was the likely successor of a senior position which the aggressor had been eying for a long time.

These are just some of the workplace bullying cases that go unaddressed. The misery that the affected parties go through cannot be imagined. Note that most workplace bullying victims are family people. This means that it is not just the victim who suffers the distress, but his or her entire family. It becomes hard for them to put things into the right perspective, which can easily make them lose direction in life. Physical and mental breakdowns are obvious bitter fruits of the process.

Workplace bullying is where an employee is singled out and treated in a disrespectful, intimidating and embarrassing manner. Most bullies are usually in top management positions, which is a direct abuse of power. Alternatively, it could a coworker who is immature, insecure or insensitive to others. It could also be a company’s culture which uses policies that promote this behavior amongst its employees. It is essential for everyone to get their basic information on workplace bullying.

Forms of and information on workplace bullying

Remedies and information on workplace bullying

  • You can seek help from a PTSD specialist who can help you with anxiety disorders
  • There are groups that provide therapy to victims of bullying
  • Although finding a job is not easy, you can launch a job hunt, after which you can resign from the current one.
  • It is advisable to seek timeout and indulge in activities that will help you forget the workplace ordeals
  • Make your outside work activities to compensate the hard times you encounter at work. Strive to attain maximum happiness by spending time with your family.
  • Do not doubt your integrity. Many victims start thinking of themselves of being at fault. All the time, convince yourself that the abuse isn’t about you.

Approximately one out of three workers in many workplaces is bullied. Studies also show that 20 percent of the bullying cases eventually cross the line and qualify for harassment. Based on another finding by The New York Times, more than 60 percent of bullies in most workplaces are men. They have a tendency to subject fellow workers, both men and women, to their inhuman treatment. When it comes to the female counterparts, their most vulnerable victims are the other females. This is attributed to the fact that there seems to be pressure on females in their effort to succeed in the male-dominated sectors. The females also try to push others out of their way by their bullying attitudes so as to have no competitors in getting promotions.

Information on Workplace Bullying: effects of Workplace Bullying 

  • Unnecessary stress
  • Reduced productivity and high rates of absenteeism
  • Low self-esteem
  • Uncalled for anxiety
  • Frequent digestive upsets
  • Insomnia
  • Lots of family issues

Companies are also affected in a number of ways. For instance, many high turnover cases are associated with workplace bullying. A company acquires many employees and invests in their training but loses them shortly afterwards. It also becomes problematic for a company with a stained image to have any access to qualified manpower. As a result, the company is likely to suffer in its quest to innovate since no new employees are willing to join it. Therefore, no new ideas come in.

It is evident that many of the workplace bullying cases are a result of the individuals trying to safeguard their own selfish gains. It is unfair for them not to consider the impact of their actions on their co-workers.

Here are some Information on Workplace Bullying that relates to one’s professional standing can be envisioned in instances such as:

  • Being excluded from workplace activities such as meetings
  • Being denied access to important information that is necessary for one to perform their work
  • Lack of feedback from your seniors
  • Being denied access to opportunities or resources that are meant for use by workers at the workplace
  • Interferences and interruptions that affect your work output
  • Too much responsibilities than one can conveniently handle

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