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Workplace Bully: Bullying in a Newsroom

Bullying in a newsroom is a workplace bullying situation. Co worker bullying happens when one want to stay on the top of the game. The other is seen as a threat and the problem escalates into something uncomfortable. Newsrooms, offices, factories, lunch counters. Bullying goes on in every workplace. There is always an abuse of power and people who feel they have no recourse. Repeatedly people stay in situations where they are treated badly because they feel they have no other choice and others are wearing on them every day. are you facing a workplace bully?

Workplace bullying is a miserable circumstance. People have been pushed to horrible decisions due to bullying by people they work with. Very few people realize until it is too late that things were out of hand. It is the golden rule that when you are an adult you should be able to take care of yourself, in the world, on a job. However, some people did not get the memo and fail miserably at looking out for themselves on a job. Most people simply sit and watch people unravel without a word. Bullying in the newsroom is a story that has brought to the forefront the problem many face every day on a job.

So what is bullying in a newsroom?

People in some authority positions are mean and overbearing toward co-workers. They specialize in workplace bullying. This is sadly true for women raising families alone. Work is the only way to take care of children and this is a classic weapon. The work place is only the start. It happens to women in property owner situations and the list goes on. The world has always been aware but the fear of the abuse turning toward them makes the public turn a blind eye. Most people are talked to about standing up and facing the bully but most do not have the skills or the self-esteem.

In a newsroom situation there was the visible public but in other less visible jobs, there is no one to take notice or to speak out. Avoiding the job is not possible unless there is another job, but then there is the problem of the bad reference. People have been bullied on jobs since the beginning of time. Will it stop, not likely? However, there are laws in place and with the training to recognize bullying in the work place, and how to deal with it, the situation will get better.

Women on the job have always had difficulty with working outside of the home. If they are trying to break the glass ceiling, there will be problems. If it is a job at the corner store, there still may be trouble. The only way out is to get educated and know your rights. Moving into the newsroom and having a person there with more influence and kicking you around is unthinkable. Jumping for coffee when you are an executive because you are the only woman in the room is just as irritating.

The problem with bullying is given so many names. The problem has left scars on some very successful people. This in a sad kind of way may be helpful to others in a bad situation. Some go on to a positive outcome, others grow bitter. However, the newsroom story broke to give awareness. Any bad thing will continue when no one is looking. When there is no accountability for the actions of an underhanded person the abuse will slow to a crawl. Some people do not see it as bullying. They see it as the way it has always been. In addition, that has to change. In order to help everyone must become aware that bullying is not OK.

Booklets and classes have always made the public of anything society has wanted people to learn. The metric system was placed on food cans and soda bottles and people began to learn. Spanish is placed on foodstuffs, again people are learning. A large majority can learn the signs of bullying and how to stop it. Maybe then, the newsroom story will not be necessary or other people being bullied on any job because someone feels powerless. Even today, more people are taking on the problem of bullying. Stopping it completely is a good dream but at least people can learn to handle it and more consequences can be put into place. People rarely touch something hot on purpose.

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