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Words of Comfort to Give Victims of Bullying

words of comfort

Bullies use a variety of tactics when attacking and harassing their victims. They tear down a person’s defenses and can devastate their sense of security leaving them vulnerable and confused. To achieve their goal of total control a bully, may take dramatic measures causing the victim to harm themselves or even commit suicide. Children and teens who are constantly being bullied can lose a large portion of their childhood to the stress and strain of being made into a victim. Discover more¬†Words of Comfort to give victims of bullying.

Words of Comfort

Words of comfort can help victims begin to move past the trauma of being stalked or hounded by a bully. Comforting words for loss may be the only thing a grieving parent has left after a loved one commits suicide or harms themselves after being bullied. Although they are only words and will not take the place of their loved one, they are something that can offer a small glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark and trying time.

One of the most important ways a bully or their loved ones can make amends with a bullying victim is to offer words of comfort for loss as well as general support. For many victims, a simple apology is all they need or want. While others may seek financial or other types of compensation, the simple act of the bully saying they are sorry and asking for forgiveness is more than enough for some. It also helps that when the apology is given, the person offering it is truly sincere and apologetic for their actions.

Positive Show of Support

Victims who have a positive support system will be able to begin the healing process surrounded by others who have had similar experiences. It is extremely important for victims to be able to share their stories and know that they are not the only ones who have had bad things happen to them. Sharing their thoughts, feelings and emotions about the bully and the things that happened to them can help them accept and acknowledge the events. Recognizing the things that happened and being able to deal with them in a reasonable fashion will allow them to be able to put them in the past.

Individuals who belong to these support groups can offer comforting words from a unique perspective. Not only have they lived through similar events, they have survived them and found new ways to move on. Offering words of support and comfort to new members is their way of giving back to the community and showing others that it is possible to survive deeply traumatic events with their sanity still intact.

Comforting Words for a Victim

Comforting words for a victim provide both support and hope. Teaching victims to open up and discuss the issues at hand and the feelings that are brought out by them is an effective way to help the victim let go of the past and move on with their life. Words of comfort offer the hope the victim needs to ensure them that things will eventually get better.

For a victim that has been severely traumatized, comforting words may not be enough to completely solve the problem. What they will do, however, is show them that someone cares. A victim may begin to believe there is little or no hope that things will ever be back to normal. Someone who can say the right things and help them work through their issues can help them see otherwise. Victims who do not feel comfortable joining a support group can benefit from having open and honest discussions with a close friend who is there to support them through the healing process.

Encouraging victims to talk about their experiences will help them work through their insecurities and fears. They can address the issues and problems that are preventing them from moving forward with the healing process. By hearing what the victim has to say, the person offering support will know what to say in return to help them better understand what is going on and how best to cope with things.

Comforting Words for a Survivor

When offering comforting words for a survivor, the person must be very careful not to make false promises or give false hope, especially when it comes to a police or other type of investigation. When dealing with a survivor, it must always be remembered that survivor’s guilt can be a strong driving force when it comes how a person looks at a particular situation. If the survivor lost a loved one to suicide, the circumstances surrounding the death of their loved one can be extremely sensitive. If the loved one took their own life due to incessant harassment from a bully or group of bullies, the survivor may be looking for answers as to how the responsible individuals will be punished or dealt with.

A survivor must find perspective when it comes to why their loved one chose to take their own life. They may never understand why their loved one reached such a low place in their life, but they must accept that it happened. Comforting words are nice and may take some of the pain away, but they will not provide the answers the survivor needs. In cases like this, it may be very beneficial for them to seek counseling. Speaking to a professional will give them a much better perspective than talking to someone who may not have had the same experiences.

For a person who has been traumatized by any type of event, including bullying, comforting words may be the one thing they can hold on to as they struggle to achieve some type of level ground. Being bullied and harassed can rob a person of every shred of self-confidence and security they have. Words of comfort that are spoken from the heart, can help the victim or survivor to see that some good still exists. Reaching out to a victim or survivor of bullying may be met with insecurity and an inability to trust. With constant reassurance, however, trust and feelings of security can be rebuilt.

Children and teens, especially, need the extra words of comfort and encouragement when facing a difficult time. Unlike adults, they may not know who to turn to when an attack occurs. They may reach out to friends or peers, but if they have never experienced being bullied, they may not know what to say. Children and teens may avoid going to teachers or faculty members for fear that they may not be believed. It is important to always make sure that children and teens know that talking to their parents about any bullying situation is encouraged as well as expected.

Providing comfort to victims of any type of crime or attack may seem overly simplistic. Sometimes it is the simplest of acts that can produce the greatest rewards. A few kind words, a heartfelt apology and the acknowledgement that a person was wrong may be enough to satisfy a victim. Bullies who have the ability to swallow their pride and admit they were wrong, can provide the most profound words of comfort a victim can hear. When both victim and perpetrator come together and are able to offer one another a comforting word or positive affirmation, true healing is achieved.

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