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Why Do People Bully ?

Why Do People Bully

The reasons why people bully are as numerous and diverse as the bullies themselves. Bullying is a universal problem that faces society in personal, social, educational and business settings. People of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life can be susceptible to this problem with devastating effects. Despite efforts by schools, companies and families to eradicate bullying in their environments, it continues to be a prickly thorn that adversely affects many lives. Learn Why Do People Bully Now!

Why Do People Bully ?

This is an age old question which has plagued society for some time. There is no one answer to this question as the reasons may differ depending on a person’s background, culture, personal beliefs and way of life. However, by exploring various aspects of bullying, we can gain a better understanding of how this problem can develop in a person’s life.

Bullies are not born into society but rather develop these tendencies through circumstances and conditions in their lives. By understanding these circumstances, parents can help nip this problem in the bud or at least curtail its effects so that their children don’t fall prey to its devices.

Issues that May Cause Bullying

Children and/or adults may resort to bullying due to cultural, social, family or institutional issues. The following explores some ways in which these aspects can affect a child or adult’s attitudes, mindsets and habits and lead to aggressive bullying behavior.

Cultural Reasons for Bullying

Many cultures today encourage bullying by promoting negative behavior such as violence, sarcasm, self-deprecation, criticism of others, etc. In the U.S., movies and TV shows endorse violence to gain power and control. British comedy shows and acts are rife with sarcasm and ridicule. These types of behavior are so common in American and British society that it is no surprise children and teens follow suit.

From the realm of movie stars to politicians, the moral standard in society today has greatly deteriorated. Bullying prospers in an antagonistic environment such as portrayed by society today. Unfortunately, our youth will be a reflection of what they see in this society. When asking the question “why do people bully?”, perhaps we should look around at exactly what our younger generation has been taught.

Children learn their values from the environment in which they live. For this reason, it’s important for parents and teachers to institute high moral standards at home and in school. Moral values such as thoughtfulness, generosity and love are building blocks upon which children learn to treat each other with kindness and respect. A child that grows up with strong moral values will reject the concept of bullying or treating his peers wrong. The lack of values in society today is one reason why people bully. They simply do not have a solid foundation of what is right and wrong behavior. This leads to developing wrong attitudes and mindsets of how to treat others.

Family Reasons

Sometimes family problems lead to bullying behavior in children and teens. Parents or other relatives who display violent behavior at home may be passing those habits on to the children in their care. A child’s home life plays a key role in his upbringing as children often mimic what they see. Parents who are looking for an answer to the question of why do people bully should take a look at their own lives and see if they are contributing to the problem. Children who grow up in a loving and respectful atmosphere have no need to resort to bullying to resolve their differences or get what they need.

Lack of discipline can also contribute to a problem with bullying as spoiled children have little concept of right and wrong behavior. Good parenting involves getting personally involved in your children’s lives, teaching, leading and disciplining them when needed to help them build good moral character as they grow. You may not be able to raise your child in a bully-free society, but your training can help them become a responsible and caring person who shuns bullying behavior and stands up for those in need.

Social Reasons for Bullying

A low social standard or lack of social training can lead to bullying. Society today has a tendency to accentuate negative social behaviors more than positive ones, as can be readily seen by a number of popular television serials. Children quickly pick up on negative attention getting behavior, to include temper tantrums, jealousy fits, anger, etc. By teaching children social skills and highlighting positive social behavior, they will learn how to interact with others in acceptable, constructive ways.

By doing our part to reduce bullying behavior, we can create a more loving and accepting society in which to live. However, it will take the combined efforts of parents, school and local community to raise our young people into productive, caring and responsible individuals capable of carrying on.

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