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Why The History Of Violence Is Important To Study

Violence is never good news. Be it between rich heavily armored countries or right there at home, among family members, neighbors, or workmates. Across history, humans had to deal with various types of violence; some went on for tens of years and destroyed cities and claimed lives. Some other types were less extreme, but they still managed to sabotage hopes and dreams and traumatize personalities. Unfortunately, there is no positive side to the story. Here is a glimpse on the history of violence. 

Domestic Violence History In America

The history of domestic violence is not well documented. Back in the old days, women and children were treated as personal properties of the father, the patriarch. Beating your wife or your children was viewed as a corrective action, normal and encouraged. The social order of the time allowed fathers and husbands to be the supreme masters of the house. Incidents of domestic abuse or sexual abuse would be overlooked because the patriarch had absolute freedom to do with his properties as he pleased.

Over time domestic violence started to be seen as it is, a savagery. As society grew more aware of women and children’s rights, laws against domestic violence started to emerge. Now, violence at home is still prevalent. But the good news is, the law and the community will always take the victim’s side, supporting them and helping them recover, and making sure the aggressor is properly punished. Despite the legal side of this issue, some religious communities would still glorify the father and turn a blind eye to abuse and domestic violence done in the name of correction.

History of Violence Against Women

Violence against women has been a very sensitive topic, but it’s finally starting to take its fair share of attention in the news lately, especially because of the Ray Rice incident.  Society will have to be well informed of the long history of discrimination against women, including also violence and domestic abuse.

Oppressing women and treating them as lesser humans, using them as a commodity, for sex or for child bearing, were all commonplace. If we don’t learn from it, history is bound to repeat itself.  The past centuries have carried a lot of challenges and struggles for women. Women have fought for their basic right to be identified as equal citizens of the states, as well as their rights to have control over their own lives.

During their battles to attain freedom and equality, women were cruelly and openly fought. Up to this day, across the world, women are severely punished for expressing an opinion, falling in love, or disobeying a parent. Women are stoned to death for adultery or killed by their own fathers in the name of honor. In some countries, girls are not allowed to go to school or have a job. Young girls are sold into marriages and are publicly killed were they choose their own romantic partner. Violence against women is still prevalent and obvious. In the United States, women rights have gone a long way, but the battle is not yet won.

History of Workplace Violence

Workplace violence used to be something that was not present at all. However, as more people started to experience problems at work, they would often start to blame their co-workers for what is going on each day. Even if the reasons are present that the co-workers are to blame for the bad day, people need to realize that in the older times people would not resort to violence to get the settlement they wanted to have. Instead, people would just settle the dispute outside of the workplace or they would just brush it off. So people would start to get the feeling that they were going to be able to go to work and know that they are going to be safe at work.

With the workplace violence people are going to find it really started to become more common in recent times. The main cause of this is not really known, but stress has increased as more people are trying to balance their work schedule, family schedule, and other parts of their life all at once. So people will notice that it is very hard for them to get the peace and respite that they want to have when they are dealing with all the stress that is present in their daily life.

History of School Violence

School violence history is something that is almost unheard of because of the way the schools used to be ran. The schools used to be the communal gathering area, but it was also the area that the students would be sent to learn. Yes, some of the kids would have fights, but these were usually dealt with quickly and depending on where people went to school they are going to find that it is nearly impossible to have any type of violent act. However, as the schools were not allowed to discipline the kids like they used to, the fear of the action being taken by the principal or the teachers went away and this meant the students were able to run the house and just like any job or career when the workers or others are ruling the roost then the mice will play and this is exactly what has helped to lead to a spike in school violence.

History of Gang Violence

Gangs have been around throughout all of history. In fact, gangs have been so common that people have often overlooked the historical presence they have played. However, a lot of times people will find that the gangs were often what helped to form the basis of civilization because of the disobedience they had against some of their governing bodies. The difference was the gangs back then were referred to as something else and this is what created a lot of the issues for the governments of the time and this is what led to people having to find new governing bodies.

In modern times the gang violence history has changed from looking for a political movement, to more of the gangs that people are hearing about on a regular basis. These gangs are the ones that will target a specific group of people, an individual or even another gang to have a fight with. This has led to some of the violent outbreaks that have been seen in gang violence that has made places like Skid Row famous and even has taken some of the gangs to the level that people are not able to fathom and have even expanded into the different areas that they were never seen before.

History of Violence In America

Violence has been present in America since it started. This violence has not necessarily been against anyone specific, but it is directed towards the governing bodies and other people that have attacked America. For example, the first example of violence would be the revolution that gave birth to the country. Normally people would not think about this, but with the violent beginning America has sustained quite a few wars.

These wars are what have really sparked the history of gun violence in America, but most of these wars were required to gain independence from Great Britain, but also to rebuff the attempt of Great Britain to take the country back again. Then people will find the war with Mexico is another act of violence that happened in America, but this would even be a mild confrontation compared to the Civil War that led to the country fighting against itself. Either way the country of America has been founded upon most of the violent acts and these violent acts are what has helped to keep the country together and keep it from falling apart like some of the other countries that have come and went.

Occurrence of Violence Throughout History

Violence is seen in history as well and this is going to be something that the countries have had to face from time to time. For example, in Ancient Greece, they would face several violent confrontations with Persia. However, this would be nothing when compared to the violence that was seen with Alexander the Great who managed to conquer most of the known world of the time. So violence has been seen throughout all of history and this is something that people do not really think about. However, when people start to see what all has been included in the past to be seen as violence they will tend to see that this is what people have had to deal with for years, but that the historical patterns of violence have had a tendency to replicate themselves time and time again.

As many people have found out the history of violence is very interesting to study and see how it has made an impact on the modern day society. The problem is most of the time people will find that the history of violence is going to be something they do not really think about considering. This is when people should know more information about this history and how it has had an impact on the modern society. Only then will people be able to fully understand the way that violence has made the changes that it has today and this is going to make a difference in how people are able to take care of their own violent past to help guarantee they are not going to follow in the footsteps of their family members and have a violent history that is going to reflect negatively on them and any of the jobs or other items they ever want to get involved with.

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