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Why Suicide Hotline Is Essential

Someone ends their own life. It is impossible to know what might have happened with the individual, had they continued to live a longer, full life. However, when it is cut short so suddenly and instantly, it often leaves more questions than answers. It is so important to prevent suicides, which is why the suicide hotline is available to anyone who might need help. Sometimes just talking to someone is able to prevent a person from actually going through with this course of action. Whether it is through a suicide hotline online chat or a national suicide hotline call, these services can play an exceptional role in preventing such an act from happening.

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Suicide Statistics

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death inside the United States with, as of 2010, over 38,000 suicides every year. This averages out to someone taking their own life every 13.7 minutes. Suicide rates have remained rather steady over the last 30 years, and while it dipped down to is lowest point around 2000, when just over 10 people per 100,000 decided to kill themselves, that number is up to around 12 now, which although an increase is a very small percentage point. It is important though to identify those people who are more likely to commit suicide than others. It can vary significantly from age, ethnicity, geographic region and sex. However, sexual orientation, gender identify, employment status and occupation can all play a role in someone killing themselves. According to figures released by the United States government, in 2010, the highest suicide rate occurred in individuals between the ages of 45 and 64 (18.6 out of 100,000) with the second highest being those over the age of 85. Most of the time, individuals over the age of 85 were found to take their lives due to pain and suffering and not wanting to deal with it any longer, while those in the 45 to 64 range often did so simply because of money situations, personal problems and other variations they simply did not think they could live without or correct. For the most part though, suicide rates remain around the same for almost every age demographic. From 2000 to 2010, individuals less than 14 stayed almost the same at less than one per 100,000, while the only significant movement coming in the 45 to 64 age range, as it went from 14 per 100,000 in 2000 to almost 19 in 2010.

Men are far more likely to commit suicide than women, as 78.9 percent of all suicides in the United States are done by men, with females making up the other 21.1 percent. White individuals are also far more likely to commit suicide than any other racial background as well. 14.1 per 100,000 white citizens inside of the United States commit suicide every year, while American Indians are the next highest at 11. Black citizens are the lowest at 5.1 out of 100,000 with both Hispanics and individuals of Asian descent sitting right around 6 per 100,000. Suicide rates also vary between regions as well. The highest rate as of 2010 took place in western United States, with 13.6 per 100,000, followed by the South at 12.6, Midwest at 12 and Northeast at 9.3. Suicide is most common in large states with scare populations, as Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Idaho have the highest suicide rates of any country. The nine lowest are states with a much higher population, including New York, New Jersey, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Most likely, this is because individuals who might feel inclined to take their own life have more people to talk to and to share their feelings with. This fact points to the overall importance of being there for someone who just needs to talk. This is why there is a suicide prevention hotline for anyone who needs to talk and feels like they simply are not able to take life any longer. When friends and family members are not around to talk, the suicide hotlines are available.

Attempt and Methods

Most people who take their life do it with the air of firearms. Firearms make up more than half of all suicide deaths in the United States. However, with almost 90 guns per 100 individuals inside of the United States, this makes sense, as its the easiest. However, it also means a person does not have to think as much before doing it as death is simply a finger pull away. Other forms of suicide include suffocation (hangings) which is almost 25 percent; poisoning (overdose) is 17 percent and the remaining is made up of other forms.

The United States government does not keep a specific tally on suicide attempts, as sometimes it is not possible to classify a suicide attempt. However, it is believed that around half a million individuals visit hospitals around the country each and every year due to self-inflicted harm. These statistics suggest that 12 people harm themselves for every one person who commits suicide every year.

In terms of medical costs, a total of $3 billion dollars is spent annually on the medical cost of suicide attempts, with another $5 billion coming in indirect cost, including wages and the loss of production. Suicides ultimately affect millions of people around the world, even if they are not the ones performing the act. Family members and friends have to live every day of their life, wondering why, while businesses can feel the pinch and even go out of business, forcing other families to go without work due to it as well.

Suicide is a very serious matter and, while it has remained steady in terms of the number of people who commit suicide each and every year, every life that is lost due to it is a life too many. Sometimes people just do not know that they have more to offer in life and it can be incredibly difficult to look past a particular event or time period in their life. Whether they are being picked on at school or simply feel alone after a breakup or the loss of a family member, suicide can feel like the only release. However, what they do not comprehend is the fact that life always goes on and it is going to get better. For every valley in life there is a peak, and when people are feeling like they are at the lowest point in their life, it simply means they are starting the journey towards their highest high. To ensure they reach this highest point, it is important for them to have someone available to talk to and to make sure they do not go through the suicide attempt. That is why the suicide hotline chat service is so important, as just about anyone can use the service at any time of the day.


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