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Why Show Kids Bullying Videos

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Often bullying will happen without people ever seeing it or knowing about the action until it is too late. This is when you may want to let others know how to identify when someone is being bullied and what the signs of them being bullied are. The problem is many times the signs are present, but no one picks up on them until it is too late. To help curb this issue you should know more about why showing kids bullying videos is such a great idea. Without this information, you may end up avoiding the topic all together and end up having kids get bullied until they hurt themselves or even worse kill themselves.

Cyber Bullying Videos Help Identify Signs

One of the newest and worst types of bullying is cyber bullying. The reason this is one of the worst types is this can be hard to recognize. Normally when kids come home they will log onto the computer and not come away from it for a long period of time. However, when they start to change personality when they are on the computer or get withdrawn, then you can assume something is wrong. Here is what the videos will teach you to look for in the cyber bullying cases.

– The videos can teach you about some of the signs of this happening. These include the withdrawnness after getting off of the computer, but also not getting on the computer as often as normal. So these would be shown on the video so you can watch for all of these signs to make sure your children are not being bullied while they are on the computer.

– Often these videos will help you learn more about what websites you should check for the bullying to happen on as well. With social media, the sites are fairly straight forward, but you may learn more about how to identify the bullying on these sites and what actions you can take. Some of those actions may include deleting the accounts to guarantee your children are safe from the bully.

Bullying Videos Teach Prevention Methods

Generally one of the best ways to stop bullying from happening is by preventing it from becoming an issue in the first place. The videos will normally teach how you can properly prevent this from becoming an issue and know your kids will be safe. Without this type of video, you may have trouble in knowing if you are doing all that you can to keep your children safe.

– Prevention can be done by avoiding the bully. This method only works if the bully has been identified and known. However, some of your children may have never picked up on the bully before and then they could easily be bullied because they are not sure what is going on.

– Who to inform is another item in prevention which you can use. This way allows your children to know who they can tell on the bully to. However, this also helps guarantee they will be protected from retribution should the bully find out who told, but also help them identify who is safe for them to go to.

Safety When Being Bullied

Normally kids do not know what to do when they are being picked on. With the videos, though, they will learn how to respond safely for their health, but also in turning the bully in. Here are some of the ways the video will help your children be safe when the bully decides they have a target on their head and need to be picked on.

– Generally with the videos, your kids can start to pick up on what is making a bully. By knowing what is making the bully, the kids can identify who the bully is. Then they can take the proper action to ensure they are safe from being hurt, but also will be able to protect themselves in the event the bully comes after them.

– Something else this teaches your kids how to do is protect themselves when the bully does decide your children would make a great target. One of the biggest ways the kids are affected is by not knowing what to do. With the videos, your kids will know how to react, but also know they can properly protect themselves from being hurt. Without this type of information the kids may try to defend themselves from the bullies attacks, but end up getting hurt in the process or even worse have emotional damage which will last them a lifetime.

Having kids who are bullied is never any fun. However, if you know about why you should be showing your kids and other kids the bullying videos, you will know you have taken the first step in keeping your kids safe. Without the information on why your kids should watch these videos, though, they may not see them at all and this is when you would have to be fearful about your kids safety. With the videos, though, your kids can know how to react, how to prevent the bullying, and even who they can turn to if they are hurt by a bully.

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