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Why Should You Stop Sexting? Here is Why

Why Should You Stop Sexting

In today’s society, a great emphasis is placed on sexuality and how people look. This pressure seems to be primarily focused on younger people, impacting teenagers in vast ways that are creating negative consequences. One of the biggest issues that has been growing with the increased use of smartphones by the teenage population is sexting, which consists of sending out naked or nearly naked pictures via electronic media, including text messages. This is taking bullying to all new, dangerous levels. Learn Why Should You Stop Sexting!

The Progression of sexting and stop bullying pics

When most kids send these pictures of themselves to someone, it typically starts off as fairly innocent. The sender may want to make a boyfriend or girlfriend happy or may think it is the only way to attract a significant other. There are many reasons why children engage in sexting. While it is illegal from the moment the picture is sent, it becomes a more serious problem after this. Sometimes the couple breaks up and the recipient may send out the pictures to get back at the other person or the recipient may just want to share how cool it is to receive one of these images. These images have a tendency to spread quickly, resulting in negative consequences for many people.

Why Should You Stop Sexting: Child Trafficking

Perhaps the most important reason to stop this behavior is because it is considered illegal for many reasons. The primary reason is it is considered child pornography and possession of this material has been illegal for many years. Even though most of the people who send and receive these messages are children themselves, it is still against the law to send and distribute these images, causing legal ramifications for anyone who has these pictures in their possession or can be proven to have sent them on to others. This means the last person to receive them is just as guilty as the sender and the original recipient.

Why Should You Stop Sexting: Social Issues

Most children who choose to become involved in sending naked pictures of themselves do it as a way to gain acceptance among their peers. They send them to someone in whom they are interested to bring attention to themselves. However, this often isn’t the true result of this behavior. Instead, it can lead to even more bullying problems, especially against the person pictured in the image. Instead of gaining the acceptance she desired, other children will avoid her and are likely to make fun of her, both to her face and behind her back. These social consequences can often be extremely difficult on a teen, leading to issues, such as depression and even suicide.

Why Should You Stop Sexting: A Bad Reputation and Stop Bullying Pics

People who take part in sexting, especially those who initiate the pictures, are often given a bad reputation. However, many of these kids are good kids who are just using the wrong methods to reach out to their peers for acceptance. Many of these students have good grades and are generally good kids who don’t get in a lot of trouble. Once these pictures are out there, there is no taking them back, which can lead to a bad reputation, whether it is deserved or not. In some cases, it can even have a negative impact on a child’s ability to get into the college of his choice.

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Why Should You Stop Sexting: A Far-Reaching Impact

With the advances in technology, this new trend has made it easier than ever for information to spread. Most children who send out a picture don’t think beyond the original recipient. There is often a sense of trust that leads the sender to think the recipient will simply keep the picture for their own use or may even delete it. Unfortunately, once that picture is sent, it is out of the sender’s control. Sometimes the recipient doesn’t even spread it. Teens often share cell phones or take their friend’s cell phone as a joke. This can lead to someone else seeing or even sending the picture. The farther the picture spreads, the greater the negative impact will become.

How Can Parents Stop Sexting? What is the influence of Stop Bullying Pics?

Most parents aren’t even aware their children are partaking in this activity. They may see the bullying, but they aren’t sure of the reasons behind it. Or perhaps they don’t see the problems at all. So how are parents to stop this behaviour? The answer lies in educating your children and teaching them how to handle the issue of sexting properly. In addition to teaching your children not to disrespect their bodies by taking these pictures of themselves, you can teach the following steps to ensure your children don’t get involved:

  • Explain the negative consequences in taking, sending and even forwarding these pictures, including the legal ramifications that can follow them the rest of their lives.
  • Encourage your child to come to you if they receive one of these message for guidance in what to do. Your child should immediately delete the picture to avoid consequences, but it can be helpful for you to know so you can use it as a teaching moment.
  • Monitor your child’s texting. When parents are involved and informed, this type of behaviour is less likely to happen.
  • Talk to your child about respecting privacy, whether it is his own or someone else’s.

What Students Can Do to stop Sexting? 

It isn’t up to only the parents to put a stop to this shocking trend. Students need to be able to step up and take action for themselves to ensure these message stop circulating. This is important, not only for the benefit of the student who is taking the action, but also for the person whose picture is being sent around. There are several things students can do to protect themselves and others from the negative consequences of this behaviour:

  • Don’t send any inappropriate pictures of yourself or anyone else. If it isn’t something you want your parents to see, don’t send or keep it.
  • Report any messages you receive to a trusted adult. Keep in mind teachers and school administration are likely required to report the issue to the authorities so talking to a parent, either yours or a friend’s, may be a better first step. If the parent feels the school should be involved, they can help you approach it.
  • Talk to the friend who sent you the message about it to encourage him or her to stop as well.
  • Respect yourself enough to realize if someone needs a naked picture to like you, he or she isn’t worth your time or attention.

Sexting has become a major issue in today’s society. While many teens are learning that this behaviour is wrong, it is still happening. It is up to both parents and students, as well as school staff, to put a stop to this behaviour and save children and teenagers from the negative consequences. It isn’t only the concerns over bullying and the bad reputation that comes with sending these images; it is about the legal and emotional ramifications that many teens don’t even realize are a possibility. Teaching children to use technology responsibly without hurting others or themselves in the process.

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