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The Guide on Understanding Why do People Bully

Why do People Bully

When you look at the behavior of bullies, it is easy to come to the conclusion that the person is simply mean-spirited and enjoys seeing other people suffer. While this can certainly be the case in some situations, there are actually many reasons why someone may choose to bully other people.Learning the answers to the question why do people bully can help you get a handle on bullying and how you can understand and teach others on why do people bully other people.

Reasons why People Bully: The Feeling of Power

While many individuals think that those who bully suffer from low self-esteem, that isn’t always the case. In fact, many people make the decision to participate in bullying behavior because they enjoy the feeling of power over other people. In today’s society, many people are placing too much focus on being in charge and feeling the rush of being in power. This has led, in part, to the increase in bullying behavior in many environments, including in school and online.

Reasons why People Bully: Misunderstanding Differences

One of the primary reasons children participate in bullying behavior is because they don’t know how to handle differences between people. For instance, they may bully children who are gay or those who aren’t good at sports. Anytime children exhibit behaviors that are different from the other children, it can make them a potential target. While some children are incredibly tolerant and even ignorant of differences, there are others who notice them and just don’t handle them appropriately. This is often one of the easiest types of bullying to remedy with education and compassion.

Reasons why People Bully: Craving Attention

Some individuals are more likely to bully other children as a way to get attention. Even though they will draw negative attention, it is often better than feeling ignored. As you dig deeper, looking for answers to why do people bully, you will find that some people just don’t know how to make friends and resort to this behavior in an attempt to make people become their friends. However, this often means people are their friends out of fear, not true caring.

Why do People Bully: Understanding the Bully

Reasons why People Bully:A Reflection on Family Life

Unfortunately, some children grow up in situations where they are emotionally abused and bullied in their own families, whether by a sibling or a parent. These children are also more likely to bully others for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that bullying is something that is normal. It’s the right way to interact with other people. These can be some of the most difficult bullies to break of their habits because it is something they have always known.

Reasons why People Bully:A Reflection of Their Own Self-Worth

Low self-esteem may not be the leading cause of why people bully, but it is still an important reason to consider. Some children have experienced bullying by their peers themselves and then turn around and do it to someone else in an attempt to feel better about themselves. They seem to feel as if the ability to show power over someone else will prove their self-worth to others. While some children become withdrawn as a symptom of bullying, others lash out in attempt to relieve the stress they are feeling.

The Entertainment Industry

It seems as though anytime something bad happens, the media is quick to blame entertainment, such as video games or movies, for the problems. While this isn’t often the only source of bullying behavior, there is some merit to this when it comes to bullying. For instance, when children watch television shows or movies or play video games that glorify the act of bullying, they begin to view the behavior as something that is acceptable. They may even think it is the right way to act. These children are simply copying what they have seen played out on a television or movie screen in front of their eyes.

Many people ask the question, “why do people bully?” Unfortunately, there really isn’t any one good reason why people participate in this type of behavior. Because there are so many reasons why people engage in bullying, it may feel as if it is useless to really understand the reasons. However, it can be extremely important to evaluate why an individual has chosen to be a bully.

The primary reason for exploring why individuals choose to bully others is because it can lead to a resolution for the problem. The best way to put a stop to the bullying behavior is often dictated by the cause of the behavior in the first place. Those that bully because it is the only thing they know are more difficult to rehabilitate than those who are doing it as a way to get attention or because they don’t understand the differences between people. Only the cause of the behavior can assist with the resolution.

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