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Why Children Don’t Tell When Bullied

Why Children Don't Tell When they Suffer BullyingCyber bullying

“Why Children Don’t Tell When Bullied” is a question that has been asked for centuries by loved ones who want to be assured of their safety. There are many children not informing trustworthy adults of them being bullied. This is very inconvenient for those who care for them. There are several reasons why children who are being bullied do not tell, such as shame, fear and more. These reasons can ruin children’s lives, and loved ones want to prevent this from happening.

There are ways to help those recover from being bullied such as going to a psychiatrist and more. Going to a psychiatrist is a wonderful and affordable way to help someone recover from bullying. Getting help for those who were bullied is a good first step towards recovery. Children receive threats and feel they cannot receive help from loved ones. This is very dangerous because children sometimes turn to an unhealthy methods of dealing with this. Without knowledge of what is wrong with them, preventing this is very difficult. Children might tell someone about them being bullied but unfortunately, these may not always be the best people; and the authority figures may still not know their being mistreated.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying has many forms such as cyber threats, hacking and more. This is unfortunate for children who roam Cyber world with no guidance. Cyber bullying has caused many children to start becoming unsociable and that affects both them and those around them. Fear is an emotion that prevents most bullied children from telling adults that are trustworthy about someone bullying them. Hacking is a very troublesome type of bullying that result in damage to those being hacked and damage to devices. Hacking makes children feel helpless and feel like talking to those with authority will be useless.

Although this is not always true, children become involved in a bundle of threats that seem to never end. Those with authority are trying to prevent this by making sure websites are virus free. This has helped greatly in preventing any damaging effects of hacking from hurting children and devices. Children often do not tell that they are receiving cyber threats or hacks online because they afraid of being mocked, blamed and more for what happened. Enabling your child to know you care is a great step towards your child telling you whether or not they are facing bullying; this enables bullying to be stopped at its tracks. Threatening is illegal but those that are done online are often done undercover without anyone of authority knowing.

Cyber threats and hacking is not hard to stop if you know it is happening. Cyber threats are known globally by those who are getting affected by bullying. Although this occurs in cyber world this still must be stopped and prevented. Threats through messaging and more are very disturbing to those of all ages. Some do not realize an ignore button is near and feel that those bullying are in control. This is not true because there are many different ways to stop this such as deleting messages sent, going to authorities and more. Some websites supervise what users are doing. These ways of stopping bullying are helpful and easy to use.

Bullying at schools

Schools are often where bullying begins. School bullies are just as disturbing as those online. Schools are known for bullies. Teachers, principals and others with authority try to enable children to talk to them about any trouble such as Bullying/Cyber bullying. Sadly, this does not work for all students because some bullies threaten them. Some students do not see that they can get help despite threats and as an alternative continue being bullied. This is sometimes caused by pride; not wanting anyone to think they are fearful, they decide not to tell. Many other students see bullying occur and say nothing because they too are afraid of becoming involved.

There are many children not informing their parents and loved of Cyber bullying. This is very serious and needs to be handled in several steps such as parental attention, teacher attention, self esteem classes reinforcing confidence. These steps ensure that any child being bullied will go and get help from authority figures. It is not always the best position to handle a child’s problems or an adults but training them to deal with the problem is a tremendous antidote to the problem. Cyber bullying is not physical. The behavior pushes people to the brink and they may injure themselves. They are pressed to believe they have no options. Perhaps people are telling the victim if you complain you are not strong. So they keep quiet. Maybe they feel they should handle it. Steering from the behavior of the world curb is seen as an act that cannot be recovered from in the eyes of the person being bullied.

People being bullied by society’s mores must understand society is not perfect so how can society criticize you.

Why Do you think children don’t tell when they are bullied? Help us understand why children in general don’t tell their parents their inner thoughts and feelings?

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  • Norman Gaskill
    Apr 02, 2015 at 01:19 am

    Everybody wants to be King, bullying is about not being able to get what you want by any normal means of fair competiveness, same as a THIEF, (social violence=== if I cant get past you I’m going to step on you, by what ever means necessary) If I can make it look like some one else then all the better for me, Parents are stupid because they look right pass the agitator and look for right and wrong in stead of why, who gains by having that child slighted, that’s the why.. Everybody wants to be KING

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