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Why Finding out Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter Is Important

Twitter is more of an online community than a regular social network. The unique nature of this microblogging website turns people into celebrities for a few minutes then drops them down as harshly as possible. The follow/unfollow technique sometimes drives people insane, what with mass following applications, serial followers, celebrity imposters and many more twitter antics. In this article you will learn why it is important to know “who unfollowed me on Twitter” and “why did he/she unfollow me?”

Why would people Unfollow me on Twitter?

Regular users of the microblogging website keep track of their followers every now and then. Some install analytics buttons that show them the number of people who abandoned their profile weekly or monthly. Others use “who unfollowed me” applications which constantly update their timeline with the people who departed daily.

It’s normal if one or two followers leave your profile regularly, but a mass unfollow would make you question your Twitter experience completely.

Here’s why people would unfollow you on Twitter:

  1. You’ve been dormant for over a month (sometimes even less).
  2. Your followers were the “celebrity-seeking” type who believe that looking cool means they unfollow people who get to follow them so that their followers/following is always greater than 1. Some even use automated programs that help them in doing so.
  3. You’re a serial follower.
  4. You update your Twitter too often (more than one tweet every one hour).
  5. Your posts are dull, uninteresting.
  6. Your tweets are all impersonal.
  7. You post racist, vulgar or misogynist topics.
  8. You tweet too many promotional stuff.
  9. You repeat the same handful of tweets over and over.
  10. You don’t interact too much with your followers (unless you’re a celebrity, and even then, interactive celebrities win more than stale ones).

Learn How To Quickly Unfollow People On Twitter

In some cases, you have to mass clean your Twitter account from unwanted followers like spam accounts, porn accounts or inactive tweeters. Some of the tools that you can use to perform this action are:

These tools don’t just allow you to “clean” your Twitter base off unwanted followers but also to monitor your follower base and categorize them according to closeness and popularity. Some tools, like Qwitter, allows you to uncover the reason behind why certain people unfollowed you.

Who Unfollowed me on Twitter and Why is this question Necessary?

This question matters in terms of reviewing your own Twitter policy. Learning about who unfollowed you will enable you to unfollow people on similar bases. In most cases, whether you are the unfollower or the unfollowed, these cases are common in most cases of unfollowing people on Twitter:

  1. Inactive profiles.
  2. Spammy profiles.
  3. Profiles whom you haven’t followed back (or who haven’t followed you back).
  4. Fake profiles.
  5. Profiles that wouldn’t work as future subscribers, customers or readers.

When you learn how to manage your followers, you will maintain an effective social media strategy to attract the right users and dismiss the inappropriate ones.

What Do I Do to Accounts Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter?

Proper Twitter etiquette demands that you don’t unfollow people as soon as they unfollow you. The eye-for-an-eye rule doesn’t work that way on social media, especially if you followed the person on the basis of mutual interests in the beginning. Social media experts may have some words of wisdom on how to react to an unexpected “unfollow”:

  1. If it’s a person you know, kindly ask him/her on what prompted this reaction.
  2. If it’s a total stranger, don’t give it too much thought.
  3. If the unfollower was a possible client, reader or customer, you have to win back their following. Reverse your Twitter techniques, change the way you are dealing with this microblogging website and try to make your account more interesting. Mention the person in a #FF (follow Friday) or favorite one of his/her most recent tweets, find links or videos that might interest them and send it to them in a public tweet.
  4. Concentrate on the quality of the experience rather than aiming for huge numbers of followers.
  5. Regardless, enjoy your Twitter experience.


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