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Who Else Survived Bullying? Positive Bullying Stories!

Who else survived Bullying Positive Stories!

We all hear “It gets better”, but often times it can be hard to believe that there is life after high school. In a world of cyberbullying, it is hard to believe there is any escape. “Sure, people have survived, but it’s not like they went through what I’m going through, right?” Regardless of how you are getting bullied or for what reason, you are not alone. There are a lot of celebrated, successful, and happy people for whom high school, well, sucked. If you don’t believe it, check out these celebs who got swirlied, picked on, and otherwise bullied, but remember, they also survived Bullying! Learn about Positive Bullying Stories!

  1. Christian Bale– Yes, even Batman occasionally got bullied and survived Bullying. He was beat up and picked on in school back in England.
  2. Megan Fox– Generally accepted as one of the “hottest” women in entertainment, Megan Fox had to tackle bullies’ insecurities head on during high school, she also survived Bullying.
  3. Jason Segal– Despite basketball player status and a towering figure, Segal reports being picked on continuously throughout high school, including people jumping on him and calling him an oaf.
  4. Tom Cruise– A target for bullies, Cruise has continually discussed his inability to stand up for himself or to get into fights during high school, often getting severely beaten up for refusing to throw a punch.Yet, he survived Bullying!
  5. Steven Spielberg– Tons of Oscars and other awards later, the genius behind Lincoln and ET still remembers being picked on for a variety of reasons throughout his childhood. In addition to being a self- proclaimed “band geek” (he played clarinet in the orchestra), he faced prejudice and bullying for being Jewish in a time when Phoenix, Arizona was still somewhat anti-Semitic.
  6. Demi Lovato– Lovato has been more than open with the public about her body issues and self-inflicted injuries, but until recently she has not really addressed the issue of bullying. Things like CD-bashing parties and hate petitions pushed Lovato towards cutting, although in more recent years she has used that same hurt to fuel her acting and singing career. She has survived Bullying!
  7. Winona Ryder– Ryder had an alternative childhood, being raised in a hippie commune that made many people think her “weird”. In one story, she was cursed at and beaten up to the point of needing stitches in front of a coffee shop near her home.
  8. Brittany Snow– Harsher than most, Brittany’s personal bully repeatedly told her and a friend to kill herself, ultimately ending in the friend’s suicide. The taunting had long lasting effects on the young actress.
  9. Lady Gaga– Stefani Germanotta, otherwise known as Lady Gaga, has made a name for herself as an advocate of the “little monsters” and other outcasts in society. She decided to go into the extreme, creating a self-proclaimed “freak” and denying herself her identity. In recent years, she claims to have learned to love herself and has won several awards for her teen advocacy programs, including the inspirational song “Born This Way”, which promotes diversity among teenagers.
  10. Chris Colfer– This Glee star eventually dropped out of middle school and started being homeschooled because of the extreme levels of bullying her experienced.
  11. Kristin Stewart– Before she was Bella, Stewart was constantly picked on, reflecting her on-screen character in several ways.
  12. Jessica Alba– During her high school years, Alba would have her father walk her into school to avoid personal injury, going so far as to eat in the nurse’s office to avoid students in the cafeteria.

These stars were brave enough to speak out against bullying for the next generation and offer positive stories after having survived Bullying. Dan Savage, a well-known columnist for several papers and magazines, developed the “It Gets Better” campaign, where teens can watch the videos of thousands of adults who successfully survived bullying despite all odds. The site features videos from Pixar animators, Tim Gunn, Hillary Clinton, Kathy Griffin, Kevin Bacon, and even President Barack Obama. All of the videos have the same basic message- bullying is horrible, but it is survivable, and those who survive become much stronger people for it.

Learn how celebrities went against Bullying and spread the word on Positive Bullying Stories!

Do you have more positive bullying stories to share? Do you think your story is one of the positive bullying stories? Tell us more of your positive bullying stories below…

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