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White Supremacy: A History

To truly understand white supremacists and the idea of a White national power would involve holding a mirror up in front of the ugly history of the world. The idea of a white nationalist pride in and of itself does not sound terrible because it does not truly encapsulate some of the awful things that white supremacist people do. So in order to really get into the nitty gritty of what one of the most popular hate groups in America are, let’s turn back the clock on White Supremacy.

What Is a White Supremacy Group

Now that we know a little bit about white supremacy in America we can start to look a little deeper. We need to really understand what it means to be a white supremacist and what a ‘group’ actually is. Conventional thought means that a ‘group’ is just a collection of people with shared ideals. This isn’t quite true. We can’t just go on the internet and look up a list of white supremacy groups in order to get the whole picture. No, instead we need to look at white supremacy as a system.

White Supremacy as a System

As we highlighted in the early days of the American colonies, there was a group of people who believed in the inherent superiority of the white colonist. They did not base their belief of anything more than the fact that they were different, therefore better. So in order to keep themselves ‘above’ the indigenous and the colored, the colonists instituted a system. There were laws put into effect, cultural inhibitions impressed upon, and finally the acceptance of the enslaved people.

A systematic oppression of ‘non white’ people exists on the largest stage possible. In fact, in White America we can expect there to be road blocks at every single instance of life for those that do not fit into the values of unknowing ‘white supremacists’. Here are a few common ways that white supremacy has polluted the upbringing of minorities in the United States:

  • Places of large minority concentration, such as inner city areas, do not receive the appropriate funding to ensure a proper education of their student body. This lack of an education, brought on by lack of resources, reinforces the institution that minorities don’t need or want to learn.
  • Racism in the police force is a rampant problem that results in the lives of minorities being lost. We need only to look at the Ferguson case to realize that the true white supremacy symbols of the world exist as shiny badges on the uniforms of the kind of people who spend all day on white power websites. They bring racist and prejudiced views into a profession that should be without discrimination.
  • Government work as well is hostile toward the average minority. A brief glance at our list of Presidents should reveal all you need to know as it pertains to diversity on the largest stage in America.

White Power Defined by Statistics

If we leap all the way to the current year we can see how this white progression through the alienation of minorities continues to exist. A simple appeal to quantifiable statistics will show us that white workers averaged a weekly income of $624 in 2002. This number is compared to a $498 average for African Americans and $423 for Latinos. These numbers directly influenced a poverty ration that was nearly three times that of minorities as compared to white people.

Continuing down this depressing line of information will lead us to discover that 86% of white children graduate high school compared to 80% of blacks and 59% of Latinos. This same ratio holds true when looking at Americans insured for their health as well as home ownership rates and even higher education likelihood.

We can go on and on about modern day experiences of the average minority in order to get a picutre of how white power has become the only power. Instead, let’s look once more to history to further learn about the origins of white supremacy.

On a political level we can look at history to realize that zero minorities were involved in the formation of the United States government. Only 7% of congress is black and there is only one President in the history of the country to be of color.

The Origin of White Supremacy: Look to the Colonies

Due to pop culture, Nazism, and the rise of white supremacist hate groups on the internet we have this twisted view that white supremacy really got its start after World War II. Many people believe that ‘white pride’ is a product of a seemingly more ‘post racial’ world. It’s not, true, not really. In fact we can date white supremacy all the way back to the initial colonization of America. We can look at the first people to step onto the shores of the ‘New World’.

The way that colonists looked at Pequot and Powhatan tribes isn’t too far off from how our modern white gangs and hate groups operate. These colonists saw the Native Americans as subhuman and someone there that existed solely to be subjugated. In order to survive in this harsh new world the colonists enslaved and swindled the Native Americans in order to get what they needed out of them. In fact, by the early 1600’s the enslaved African Americans and Native Americans outnumbered colonists by almost 100 to 1. This lead the colonists to feel very unsure of their standing in the new world. To be sure there existed a few ‘servant rebellions’ but they were never effective enough to shake the hold of the rich, wealthy and powerful.

This original white supremacy group, which looked nothing like the modern day Neo-Nazi, was meticulous in their methods of suppression and segregation. Slavery was a booming industry that had laws passed in order to control the offspring of enslaved women. Men and women of color were simply becoming cattle.

America Was Born Through Racism

The rise and expansion of America exists solely because of systematic military conquest via racial tirades. We began as colonists stealing the land of the indigenous people. Of the 18 million Native Americans that lived at the time, only 300,000 survived the Indian Wars. This can only be considered as genocide if we are adhering to the strict definition of the word: “The deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.”

Next we can move on to the development of America based on slave labor. It is a fact that the America we know today would exist without the back breaking work of enslaved laborers all over the country. From the colonies to the developing states, slave labor fueled our expansion. This leads us to our ‘final conquest’.

The third point of American expansion via white supremacy was in the subjugation of Mexico. In 1836 the United States took Texas away from Mexico and in 1845 we made it a state. In 1848 the United States continued to seize Mexican territory and finally in 1853 we finished taking land from Mexico by threatening more war.

Modern White Power Groups

We can finally quit looking at the distant past and start looking in our rear view mirror to see how white power groups have molded and shaped the nation. From the infamous Ku Klux Klan all the way to Neonazis and skinheads, there have been many instances of white supremacy in action.

  • Ku Klux Klan
    • The Ku Klux Klan is probably the most famous white supremacy group in the history of the United States. The Klan first originated in 1865 as an ultra conservative group dedicated to preserving white American values. In the beginning the KKK flourished in the United States while peaking in the early 1920’s. The KKK existed to oppress, maim, and murder those that supplanted the idea of White American Progress. In fact they were so popular that many politicians felt at ease being associated with them. The Klan peaked in the ’20s with over 6 million members. Still going today, the KKK only has around 8,000 registered members.
  • Neonazi Groups
    • Neo-nazism is an attempt to revive Nazism after World War II. Typically this ideology is practice by those that swing on the extreme far right of the political spectrum. Neo Nazi’s exist all over the planet though they have been banned from certain European countries. The National Socialist Movement is the largest group of Neo-Nazis in the US and they have a total of 400 members. Neo-Nazis have a fascination with Hitler and have tended to adopt many of his beliefs, symbols, and habits.
  • Skinheads
    • Skinheads were not always considered a political movement, but the style was co-oped in the late ’60s. Now skinheads stand as a group of racially motivated political activists. The tendency of most skinheads is to use violence as a means to an end and their goal seems more to preach hatred than to preach change. The most notable skinhead groups include the White Aryan Resistance, Hammerskins, and Blood and Honour.

White Supremacy Spikes after Obama Election

If white supremacists were an untoward bunch when every single United States President was a Caucasian male then it doesn’t take much imagination to think how the swearing in of President Obama effected them. Studies show that since the election of President Obama that there are 54% more registered hate groups in the United States. This number is up drastically since the year 2000, when things had tended to be more stable. According to reports by, there are 926 active hate groups in America.

With racial minorities getting more of a stage thanks to the election of President Obama it only makes sense that more adversity would follow. In fact, upon the election of President Obama there were several disrupted plans made by white power activists to assassinate the president. One of those plans involved two young men who had met on the internet. Their plan was to arm themselves and go on an 88 person killing spree of only African Americans. The number 88 is important among white power activists because it means ‘Heil Hitler’.

White Supremacy Can Be Stopped

It is easy to look at the word ‘white supremacy’ and become uncomfortable. In the act of pointing out the fundamental wrongs of another race it can feel like racism in and of itself. That is why we, as human beings, need to continue on in our search for a post racial world. There needs to be a time where the color of your skin truly does not make you any better or worse than the next person in the street. In order to do that we must educate ourselves on the history of racial prejudice in order to ensure that it is never repeated.

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