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What To Do If You’re Being Bullied

Bullying is serious, and millions of children and adults are being bullied each day in the United States and abroad. The majority of the people being bullied are afraid to come forward or seek assistance, due to the retaliation they are sure they will face from the hands of their bully. There are now laws in place that is geared toward protecting the victims of bullying, once these victims decide to come forward, make a complaint, and tell their story. Here is What To Do If Your Being Bullied!

No one has to tolerate bullying. Bullying is a crime, and anyone accused of bullying will face serious criminal consequences. However, this will only take place if the victims are willing to come forward and press charges. It is time to put an end to bullying, and to let bullies know that their victims are not taking any more physical, mental or verbal abuse anymore. There are steps bullying victims can take, that will stop bullies cold in their tracks. These techniques work, if they are used in the right way, and at the right time.

Steps to Take: What to do if Your being bullied

Years ago, bullying was not looked upon as being a serious problem. In fact, it was not even considered to be a problem. People looked at it as children teasing each other, or horse playing around. Throughout the years, many people have determined that bullying is not simply playing around, it is a criminal offense that leave many victims in a serious emotional state.

Victims of bullying have hidden their shame from their friends and family members. They have closed themselves off from the people who love and care for them. Help is just a phone call away. However, many victims are too afraid to make that call. Their fear of what their bully might do, outweighs any thought of seeking or asking for help.

Today there are so much information available on the Internet, in the media, at school, and at work about bullying. Bullying victims no longer have to take a backseat to their bullies. Here are at least 5 steps you can take if you are being bullied.

Try to Work it Out Yourself

Sometimes standing out to a bully is the best way to put an end to the torture. Most bullies do not expect their victims to stand up to them. Bullies want to believe that they have all the power and control in a bullying situation. They are more than confident that their victims are too afraid to stand up to them and defend themselves. This is true in some cases, but not in every case. You can actually take the power back from your bully, by standing up to him or her.

Talking to your bullying might or might not help, but it is worth a try. You have to show your bully that you are not afraid of him or her. If the bully threatens you, tell your bully you are going to go to the police or tell an adult. If necessary follow through on your promise. If you threaten to take action against your bully, and later change your mind, your bully will know that you are afraid. The bully will continue to threaten, harass, and humiliate you, because you did not follow through on reporting the bullying incidents to the proper authorities.

Ask for Help

Ask someone to help you with your bully. More and more people are aware of bullying, and the serious consequences of bullying. Teachers are trained to recognize the tactics bullies use, and how to disarm them. Teachers are also trained to intervene in bullying situations, and to take appropriate action to protect the victims. School officials are wising up, and helping to put an end to bullying. Friends are also great resources to use. Friends can let adults know what is going on, if you are afraid to speak on your own behalf.

Sometimes a guidance counselor can help. If you are a student, you can always ask to speak to the school psychologist. The psychologist will listen to what you have to say, and if the information they receive is life threatening, they will have to tell someone in authority. This allows you to get the help you need, and the protection as well. Adults are better able to handle bullying situations before they get completely out of control.

Never Walk Alone

Bullies like to target people that they consider loners. Try not to be alone at any time. If you are in school, try to stay with the crowd if possible. If not, try to stay with one or two friends. Bullies like to make a scene, and they like to be the center of attention. They enjoy making a spectacle of their prey in front of a crowd. Avoid large crowds where bullies normally hang out. If you are on the playground, try to get involved with the activities. Even during lunch time, do not sit alone. Instead sit with a group of friends.

After school, is often the worst time for most victims. If you walk home from school, try not to walk home alone. Walk with friends whom you know will protect you if you need it. Do not take the same route home every day. Bullies normally study their victim’s routines. If the bully walks home too, try to leave a few minutes earlier or a few minutes later. If you can caught a ride home, or ride the bus school, do so. Never walk anywhere with a bully, it could be a dangerous situation; especially, if the bully is violent and have a tendency to make threats.

Try Ignoring Your Bully

This might be hard to do, but try to pretend that you do not see your bully. If you are walking along, and you happen to spot your bully, try going in the opposite direction, before the bully sees you. This is one way to avoid an ugly confrontation. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it might not work. In any case it is worth a try. If your bully likes to call you names, or try to make you upset, just walk away without responding. Bullies like attention, and the less attention you give your bully the less power your bully has over you.

Try to keep a positive attitude. This can be difficult, since your bully is always in your face. The less time you spend responding to your bully, the less time the bully will spend teasing you. Use positive words when the bully tries to embarrass you, or call you names. Tell your bully you do not want to fight with him or her, and that you just want to be friends if possible. If this does not work, just walk away and do not look back. If you respond with kindness, you may actually win your bully over, or at least make your bully think twice about approaching you again.

Keep a Record of Bullying Incidents

Keep up with when and who is bullying you. Every time a bully approaches you, or interact with you keep an up to date record. You will want to show an adult or an officer how many times you were bullied. This information will be used to bring charges if necessary, against the bully. If there were any witnesses at the time of any of the bullying incidents, be sure to get their names and telephone number. An officer or school official might want to speak with them.

Everyone has witnessed bullying at some point in their life, whether they want to admit it or not. Keeping an accurate account of bullying can help put an end to bullying. There might be certain times of the day that a bully might like to act out. Keeping a record of dates, times, and places will help to establish a pattern of when the bully is most like to strike.

Take Self Defense Classes

If your bully likes to get physical, you need to strike back. Your bully does not expect you to stand up for yourself. However, you can surprise your bully, by taking self defense classes. Learn how to fight back. Taking Judo or some other form of martial arts will allow you to defend yourself from physical abuse. Your bully is not expecting you to go to this extreme to protect yourself, but this is necessary. If you plan on living a normal life at school, at work or at home, you have got to find a way to protect yourself from your bully.

When your bully attacks you, you will be able to protect yourself, without harming your bully. The worst you can do is humiliate your bully, which is exactly what your bully has been doing to you. It is not too late to take your life back, and start protecting yourself from a dangerous bullying situation. When you stand up to your bully the right way, your bully might leave you alone completely.

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