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What Makes Up Animal Bullying

What Makes Up Animal Bullying

For a lot of people they think their pets are never going to be the target of a bully, but in reality this is something that can lead to people being bullied and often becomes a sore subject rather quickly. However, if people are away of what makes up animal bullying, it is easy for them to avoid having their pets placed in harms way and even having them bullied at any point. The problem is a lot of people are not sure what makes up animal bullying and do not even realize it is happening until it is too late for them to do anything to protect their animals from harm.

Animal Bullying: Physical Violence Towards Animals

While this is fairly straightforward a lot of people do not realize that physical violence when it comes to animals is a form of bullying. In fact, this is one form of bullying that can easily lead to the harm of the animal and possibly damage its psyche and even make it mean. Once the pets have been abused physically in a bullying situation, the owners can expect to see a wildly different animal and one which may lead to them biting people out of fear or even becoming aggressive. If people do notice anyone is physically bullying their pets or any pet, it should be reported to the proper authorities to guarantee the pets are taken care of before the situation escalates.

Animal Bullying: Bullying The Owner Of The Pet

Sometimes the pets are not the target of the bullying at all. In most cases this is the situation and it actually is the owner of the pet who is the target. The bullying of the owner will take place in multiple ways, but some of the common ones are going to be listed below and explained. However, this type of bullying can prove harmful because the owner is the target and it is because of the type of pet they own or something else they did. Either way this form of bullying can take on many shapes and each one is bad.

Name Calling is one form of bullying the pet owner may get thrown at them. This type of bullying often involves the pet owner being called some type of negative name because of the pets they own or because of the way they are raising the animals. One animal which is really bad for the pet owners and they often get picked on is when they raise goats. The reason this animal is bad is it never fails for the owner, no matter how many showers they take, to retain some of the goat stink that is present and this leads to them being called a variety of names.

– Excluded from some of the social gatherings is another way that kids can be bullied about their pets. For example, some parents may not want their kids hanging out with a kid who lives on a farm because of the horror stories they heard about farm animals attacking people. However, other times the group of kids themselves can decide to treat one of the pet owners as an outcast because they do not own the same type of pet. This can eventually hurt the kids feelings and often leave them wondering if they changed their pet if they would be accepted back into the group, but commonly they are left out still.

– Spreading rumors about the pet owner is another thing which people can do that is considered bullying. For example, as an adult some people will breed a specific breed of dog and show them. However, they may be doing so well that it is intimidating to other owners or breeders. When this happens the breeder who is doing so well, will often start to get rumors spread about them. These rumors could be about the owner of the dogs themselves or it could be about the dogs they are breeding. Since dog breeding is a business for these people, it will not only hurt them personally, but also could hurt their chance of making a living since a lot of people end up believing the rumors they hear.

Having pets is a great way to live and teach kids responsibility. The problem is the pets can easily become a target of animal bullying for the pets and the owners. When this happens the pets can be the safe haven that a lot of people turn to, but even then when the attacks are coming frequently people may lose the chance of turning to the pets for comfort. To avoid this, people need to know what makes up this type of bullying for the animals and the owner. By knowing this people can finally figure out how to avoid the situation. 

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