What is VK?

What is VK?

Launched in 2006, VK or (VKontakte) is a Russian Social Network that is very popular among Russian speakers all over Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine.

Pretty similar to Facebook in terms of features, Vkontakte is the second largest social network in Europe, coming right after Facebook. In January 2014, VK has over 239 million accounts and is ranked the 23rd highest traffic generating site and is the second most visited website in Russia with an average of 55 million users daily.

What is VK ‘s List of Features?

1-      Messaging

VK allows users to exchange private messages between groups between 2 up to 30 persons and it also allows users to reply to en email recipient. Messages can include any sort of attachment like photos, videos, audio files and such.

2-      Search

VK has an advanced search engine and allows anyone to find contacts and friends through complex queries as well as news searching.

As with most social networks, the site’s core functionality is based around private messaging and sharing photos, status updates and links with friends. VK also has tools for managing online communities and celebrity pages. The site allows its users to upload, search and stream media content, such as videos and music.

3-      News Feed

Users of VK are allowed to post anything on their profiles including up to 10 attachments including documents. They can also mention other users and use hashtags within any post.

4-      Communities

Users of VK can access two kinds of communities. Either Groups or public pages, the groups are designed for communities that are specific such as discussion boards and such.

Public pages are more of a news feed oriented broadcasting tool for celebrities and businesses, similar to Facebook’s Pages.

5-      Likes

VK allows like buttons for post, comments, media and such. However, the functionality is different from Facebook’s Likes. Any content that is liked sends a notification to the privately kept “favorites” section and the user needs to press a “share with friends” button to share the item on the friend’s wall.

6-      Languages

The site officially now has 3 languages (English, Russian and Ukrainian) and also has nonofficial user generated translations of the site in more than 70 languages. The paid advertisements option is only available in the Russian and Ukrainian version of VK.

What is VK ‘s List of Privacy and Security Concerns?

1-      Licensing and Copyright infringement

After several lawsuits against VK, the Russian Supreme Arbitration Court settled it in favor of VK in terms of responsibility for copyright violations. The court issued a ruling that the social network is not responsible for any user’s copyright violations. However, VK agreed to comply in terms of removing illegal content and identifying the user.

2-      Bullying

There are several concerns of bullying executed on Vkontakte, especially with cases of LGBT Bullying of teens and Youth.

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