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What Is Violence? Discover Its Different Types

Violence is an action that happens far too often all around us. However, people often do not know the answer to the following questions: What is violence? And what are the different types of violence? This lack of information could be one of the reasons why violence is quite widespread in our world. People are also not fully aware of how it could impact their own lives and the lives of others. When we know more about violence, why it happens, and how it affects everything around us, we will be better prepared to deal with it. Without proper knowledge, some people might find the line between acts of violence and mere teasing quite blurred. So what is violence? Read on for a more detailed definition and to find out more about the different types of violence you might be facing.

What Is Violence?

Violence is a type of abuse where someone exerts control over other people. This type of control is not something that anyone would want, but it happens on a regular basis because the perpetrator wants to have control over a certain area or part of his/her victim’s life. Since this happens so often, victims find it nearly impossible to seek help to break the cycle.  In addition, the prevalence of violence leads people to assume that it’s the answer to all of their problems because it gets them exactly what they want.

People also need to realize that violence might be a result of the way their perpetrators were once treated. For example, some people will find that their partners blame them for their own problems and thus become quite abusive, whether physically or emotionally. This is not always the case and sometimes violence comes from a loved one who just wants to exert control over someone else, so people need to make sure they recognize the underlying causes of violence at any given time.

Physical Violence

Physical violence is the type of violence that often ends with some type of physical altercation. This does not necessarily mean that someone will get hurt, but it does mean that some type of violent action is being taken to cause harm to others. This violence often takes a long time to build up and will generally lead to victims that do not have the will to fight back. Eventually, the violence will escalate to the point where someone is going to end up getting injured and will not be able to protect themselves because of their injuries.

Physical violence comes in multiple forms, but for the most part it involves hitting the victim, who in turn sustains physical injuries. In addition, hitting with one’s bare hands or sharp objects is not the only form of physical violence. If something provokes the perpetrator, the situation could easily escalate to include the use of weapons. This causes further physical harm to the victim and in some extreme cases could lead to murder.

Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is not brought up often because victims often avoid talking about it and might feel embarrassed to mention it to others. This is particularly common for women who are surrounded by subliminal messages that it’s somehow their fault. As the name suggests, this type of violence involves a person’s sexuality. However, because anyone might be subject to facing one form or another of sexual violence, people need to learn how to protect themselves and the ones they love from sexual perpetrators.

Groping could be considered a sexually violent act. Of course it’s only considered so if it’s done without the other person’s consent. If someone is being groped against their wish, they should express their discontent. Expressing one’s discomfort at being touched or groped is the place to start to bring sexual violence to an end.

Forcing someone into a sexual act that they don’t want to do is another type of sexual violence. While this could be considered rape in most cases, it doesn’t always go as far as sexual intercourse. Sexual humiliation, off-color jokes, and forcing someone to strip are all different forms of sexual violence. However, rape remains the most common type of sexual violence that people have to deal with. Rape accidents are reported quite often on the news and other media outlets to warn people against possible dangers.

Emotional Violence

In most cases, people do not think about this, but emotional violence is something that many people face from time to time. This type of violence is something that is not commonly addressed because people tend to have a great fear of being picked on. Below are different forms of emotional violence that are carried out against people.

Name calling is considered emotional violence. It’s actually quite common and can be seen in different settings. It is typically popular in schools, where children are picked on because of their names or are given nicknames that they dislike. While people face this sort of behavior more commonly in schools, it might carry on well into their adult years, leading to more violence.

Another type of emotional violence is silent treatments. However, because silent treatments don’t involve any action, they are often disregarded as a valid type of emotional violence. Some people underestimate the emotional harm silent treatments cause, while others argue that, since they cause pain, they can be categorized as a type of, albeit subtle, violence.

Religious Violence

Most people hold their beliefs close to them and their families. Spirituality is something that many people need in their lives to inspire them and give them the strength to move from day to day. However, a person’s beliefs might make him/her a target of abuse. This is a situation that’s seen too often in today’s world, where a person’s religious beliefs are constantly put under scrutiny.

A good example of this is when people who claim to support the rights of others attack people who do not support gay marriage because it opposes their religious beliefs. Gay marriage supporters claim that the beliefs of religious people are outdated and thus wage attacks against opposers.


This is a common type of subtle violence that people often fail to acknowledge. However, it is more common than most people think. Neglect often takes place against children. The main form of neglect clearly shows when people don’t provide the needs of their dependents. This includes not providing the bare necessities of life like food, clothing, and shelter and not taking proper care of one’s spouse or offspring. A good way to deal with neglect is to bring it the person’s attention that you don’t feel well taken care of. Through proper communication and commitment to finding a solution, neglect in relationships could be resolved.

As you can see, violence comes in many different forms. However, what people need to realize is that each of these violent acts is going to hurt another person, possibly even more than one person. Keeping this in mind could prevent people from committing acts of violence against others. It’s also very important to never let perpetrators of violence get away with their actions. If you suspect that someone might hurt you or someone you love, it’s always a good idea to talk to them or to the authorities, if the situation calls for.

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