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Twerk – What is Twerking ?

Twerking has become the source of much parent stress, especially when a child has announced that he or she is going to a school dance. There has been a lot in the news about the subject and yet you may still be unaware of exactly what it is and that your children could be twerking.

What is Twerking?

Twerking or To Twerk is a sexual form of dance that involves a lot of grinding on each other. Often, it is the girl that does the twerking, which involves a low squatting movement so that she is grinding on the boy. Much of this dance has been learned from Miley Cyrus, which as many parents know, is someone that children look up to.

As a result, when children see Miley doing such dance, they feel it is acceptable for them to duplicate it. Miley was on the Disney Channel as Hannah Montana, so if she does it, it must be okay. However, many children also do not realize that she is 21 years old and therefore classified as an adult. What a 21-year-old does is very different from that which someone who is younger should be able to do.This form of dance has been frowned upon for years and now that there is a word for the type of dance, it is being eliminated from school dances. Most schools will not allow such a dance to take place as long as there are chaperones

How Does Twerking Affect Kids?

What is twerking when it comes to how your children are being treated in school? It’s one of the latest ways that kids can be tortured, teased, and humiliated in school.

Some kids are teased by the way they dance at the school dances. Those that twerk are teased, those who cannot are teased, and those who fail to do so are teased. There is no winner in who can be teased at a school dance because bullies are going to find a way to bully regardless of the situation. This type of dance is simply another fuel that bullies can use when they want to find something to use against their classmates in order to improve their own self-esteem.

Kids are likely not going to talk to their parents about what they are experiencing at school. This means that parents need to be on the lookout for the signs to show that there is something going on. This can include a kid getting excited about going to the school dance and then deciding at the last moment that they don’t want to go.

Most kids know about this dance and are either looking to try it or looking to watch it in one way or another. The best thing to do is talk to kids about it and explain how it’s inappropriate. Parents need to show that it is a demeaning form of dance and they should not succumb to peer pressure in order to try it or engage in anything surrounding it. The Twerk dance has become the hottest topic online in 2013 and it continues in 2014 with over 600,000 people searching for it every month online.

What Parents Need to Know

There are various things that parents need to know. One of the most important things is for parents to know how to answer the question of “What is twerking?” or “”Twerk” when it comes up from their child. Many kids hear things on the news, on the radio, and from their friends without having a clear understanding of what it is – and this is one of them.

Children need to know what it is when they ask so they know how to identify it and how to avoid such a thing. That’s not to say that showing them the video is necessary, but explaining the basics should help to answer some questions. When both parents and children are more educated on the topic, it can prevent some uncomfortable tension between the two. It can also ensure that both know what it is and why it is inappropriate for anyone to be doing – especially those of a school age.Parents need to know about what the school’s dance policies are as well as the bullying policies. If there is a concern about twerking, it needs to be addressed with someone in the school. Whether a parent has overhead a child talking about the school dance and wanting to learn how to twerk or the type of dance in some other context, it needs to be brought to the attention of the principal or other administrator in order make them aware of what could happen.

Most importantly, parents need to understand that children can be cruel toward one another. Dancing is hard on kids anyway, especially when they are “socially awkward.” When a dance such as twerk is thrown into the mix, it can lead to all sorts of social problems – and potentially children getting in trouble at school because of going against the rules.

Twerking Fail

A young lady named Caitlin Heller posted her first youtube video “Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches Fire!” and in days had attracted million of views due to viral coverage and mass media play. It was revealed some months later that Jimmy Kimmel, a US talk show host revealed that Caitlin was actually a stunt women who performed the Twerk Fail as a stunt to see if they could fool the media – which of course it did. Both the original video and Jimmy’s confession have attracted over 35 million views! Twerking was definitely one of the biggest trends online and for young people in 2013. Watch the Twerk fail video here :

Various Resources

Children, parents, and teachers alike have resources to help them when it comes to bullying and learning about “What is twerking?” – especially as it pertains to how kids can be bullied about the dance. Children need to know that they are empowered to speak up against a bully. This can include addressing the problem directly with the bully (without violence) as well as talking to an authority figure in order to gain help with the problem. No one should be forced into a dance that they feel uncomfortable with, especially one that can be as vulgar and demeaning as the twerk. Parents need to keep an open line of communication with their children about what is going on in school, what takes place at the dances, and if they are in a situation where they feel as though they are being bullied.


There is assistance online as well as over phone hotlines so that people can learn about how to deal with bullying and what can be done about such things.

The good news is that twerking is a phase just like everything else. It is slowly starting to die down and eventually it won’t be an issue within the school or within a child’s social circles. However, when the twerk does go away, it is going to be replaced with something else. Having the open line of communication is important to be able to discover what that “something” is before it becomes a problem.

How To Twerk – The Twerking Dance Moves ( Twerk Fitness! ) 

If you would like to see the exact Twerking moves – it has even went on to become a minor fitness craze – here we share two videos on how to twerk – they will help you understand exactly what it is. provides you with valuable information, tips, and stories to help with such problems and keep you apprised of some of the latest details going on within this topic. The internet and online life is a part of every child’s daily routine as they start to use social media and yearn for the latest internet ready mobile phones.  Knowing what young people are talking about, what is in the current trends – understanding what really is happening in the teenage world is a great way to start and keep open communications with your children. Kids are going to be bullied, do the bullying or be a bystander at some point in their life and being able to talk to them about this is half the battle.Check Out More Internet Crazes and don’t forget to share this article on What is Twerking?

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