What is MySpace?

What is MySpace?

Launched in 2003, Myspace is a social networking service with a focus on music and owned by Specific Media LLC and pop star and actor Justin Timberlake. As of 2012, Myspace had 25 million unique U.S. visitors.

From 2005 until early 2008, Myspace was the most visited social networking site in the world, and in June 2006 surpassed Google as the most visited website in the United States. As of Summer of 2013, Myspace was ranked 303 by total web traffic.

What is MySpace ‘s List of Features?


These are posts published on a “bulletin board” for everyone on a Myspace user’s friends list to see. Bulletins are helpful for spreading news to a larger number of people instead of individual messaging. Bulletins on Myspace expire and are deleted after ten days.


After the appearance of Youtube, Myspace users can now embed youtube videos on Myspace Profiles.

MySpace IM

Myspace IM is an instant messenger that uses one’s Myspace account as a screen name. It is also a stand-alone software for Microsoft Windows. Users who use Myspace IM get instant notification of new Myspace messages, friend requests, and comments.


MySpaceTV is quite similar to YouTube. Now named Myspace Video, several sites have partnered with Myspace promote their videos on Myspace.

Myspace Classifieds

Myspace News shows news from RSS feeds that users submit. It also allows users to rank each news story by voting for it. The more votes a story gets, the higher it appears on the feed.

Ksolo& Myspace

ksolo.myspace.com is a combination of Myspace and kSolo, permitting users to upload audio recordings of themselves singing onto their profile page.

What is MySpace’s List of Security Issues?

1-      Personal Information/Phishing

In 2008, it was made public that over 567,000 private Myspace user pictures were downloaded from the site by using a bug published on YouTube and put on the Piratebay torrent site for download. Myspace was hugely to blame for not incorporating stronger security of content published on the site. Also, it became public knowledge that Myspace and other social media networks shared and passed on private profile information of users to advertisers once a member clicked on an embedded ad.

2-      Safety of Minors

As with social media networks, The minimum age to register an account on Myspace is 13.Users whose ages are set at 16 or over have the option to set their profile to public viewing. As for claims of cyber bullying and catfishing on Myspace, the company has a strict rule on deleting fake profiles if a victim verifies their true identity and the “fake” identity via email. The company deleted over 30,000 profiles of registered sex offenders. Myspace has more strict measures now to protect children from known sex offenders.

If you fear that a loved one is being bullied, stalked or harassed on MySpace, we invite you to check our resources such as An Introduction To Bullying for Teens, Cyber Bullying Stories, and How to Stop Cyber Bullying

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