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What Is Internet Trolling?

What Is Internet Trolling

The Internet provides individuals with a sense of anonymity they can’t get through many other avenues. This leads to a problem that is known as Internet trolls. These trolls are individuals who spend their time on websites, taking advantage of the anonymous nature of their account. This results in behavior that individuals would not normally participate in, such as cyber bullying and other online problems. This is an important aspect of cyber safety everyone should understand. so What Is Internet Trolling ?

What Is Internet Trolling? Inflammatory Comments

One of the behaviors for which Internet trolls are known are inflammatory comments that are designed to start an argument. These individuals hide behind the anonymity of a made-up name to attack the views of others on a chat room, blog or forum with the intention of making people angry and starting a fight. These individuals don’t care whether they hurt someone with their comments. They are simply looking for drama for the fun of it. Some websites will ban individuals who seem to be around for the sole purpose of trolling.

What Is Internet Trolling? Going Off Topic

While going off topic isn’t troll behavior in general, trolls generally like to make comments that will steer the conversation away from its original topic. In these situations, the goal is to create a disruption and prevent the original question from being answered. This negative behavior can often cause issues with online chats and forums that are designed to allow individuals to commiserate on specific topics. Many online forums and chat rooms have rules regarding trolling and will take appropriate action on these trolls. This often includes closing their accounts and banning IP addresses to curb the behavior.

What Is Internet Trolling? Cyber Bullying

Internet trolls often use their anonymous nature to restrict the cyber safety of individuals who are innocently using the Internet. Cyber bullies prefer the Internet format because they can make new accounts to hide who they are. They often feel more comfortable saying things they wouldn’t normally say because no one knows who they are. These online trolls can cause a lot of emotional damage with their postings.

What Is Internet Trolling? Who Is Most Likely to Go Trolling?

Many websites report trolling numbers rise during school breaks. This is because many of the Internet trolls are bored teenagers who are looking for entertainment with their spare time. However, these aren’t the only individuals who can be found trolling the Internet, looking for trouble. According to the State University of New York, many of the individuals who troll the Internet have less-developed egos. They may have emotional or mental issues and use the Internet to express their aggression and dissatisfaction with their lives. Attacking others makes them feel better about themselves.

What Is Internet Trolling? Where Can They Be Found?

Knowing what to look for in Internet trolls can be essential to your cyber safety. For instance, many trolls will be found on websites where individuals can easily interact with each other. This includes social media sites, forums, chat rooms and blog comments. These individuals look for insignificant conversations they can turn into heated arguments with a simple comment. These make the perfect targets. In some cases, the troll will start the argument and then sit back and enjoy the outcome as others come to fight about the issue. Others will keep coming back for more, adding fuel to the fire to keep it going.

What Is Internet Trolling? What Can Be Done?

It is important to learn what can be done about Internet trolls. Urban Dictionary suggests not answering obvious trolls when they make inflammatory comments. If they can’t get a reaction from individuals, they aren’t going to continue posting. They will move on and find a different place to try their tactics. However, especially on larger sites where there are many people, it is difficult to get everyone to leave the trolls alone.

If you can’t get people to stop feeding the trolls, it is important for those individuals who recognize the behavior to report it. Many websites have features that allow their users to report suspicious activity or profiles for trolling behavior. Using this feature is an anonymous way to draw attention to the troll. Once the admin identifies a troll, they will take the appropriate action.

Internet trolls have a tendency to really draw out the worst in people. Their goal is to create as much hatred and dissension as possible in a seemingly harmless environment. They will take often trivial matters and turn them into huge fights that can cause rifts in online relationships and may even cause a major disruption of the website. They want to create an environment that thrives on drama. These individuals are causing problems all over the Internet, making it difficult for the average user to enjoy their experience. It is up to the other users to work with the admin of a site to identify and flag trolls so they can be handled in an appropriate manner to put a stop to this behavior.

We hope this helps you understand what is internet trolling !


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