What is IMVU?

what is imvu

What is IMVU?

IMVU is a social network that connects users through avatar-based experiences. Founded in 2004, this “social entertainment company” has grown with more than 100 million registered worldwide.
This particular social network prides itself on having this number of registered paying users as well as having a virtual goods catalog of over 100 million items.

What is IMVU ‘s list of features?

1- Chatting in 3D

This is basically where anyone can create an avatar of themselves and chat with thousands of people in virtually created animated 3D Rooms.

2- Shopping

IMVU allows users to pick different looks for their avatar as well as shopping in the IMVU catalog for all sorts of items from clothes to shoes to accessories. It also allows the users to try on the items for free. Remember, it is all virtual. You are not exactly getting clothes! It also allows users to design and decorate their entire virtual “life” on it, from scenes to furniture and accessories, thus creating their own original 3D Space.

3- Making Money

IMVU allows users to create their own designs in 2D and 3D, and if their designs are good enough, the user is featured as a star designer, therefore, selling his/her designs in the IMVU catalog.

What is IMVU ’s attraction to Teens?

According to the website, IMVU is a popular online hangout for teenagers and adults, allowing teens to express themselves in a safe environment. One of its biggest selling points is the fact that any user can meet literally thousands of users daily, thus making new friends, according to IMVU, has never been any easier.

What is IMVU ‘s Safety Concerns for Parents?

IMVU has its own statement on safety. The Company states that it takes teen safety very seriously on the network and lists several pieces of advice to adults and teens using the network.

Some of the key tips for parents are:

Talk to your teens about how they socialize online. Teens should always consider how they portray themselves online and IMVU is no different.

Your teens shouldn’t lie about how old they are. The site lists the registered user must be at least 13 years of age. We at NoBullying.com encourage parents and teens to never register and/or use any social network or IM service if they are under 13 years of age. And even if they are below 18, we encourage constant parent monitoring of their child’s activity.

IMVU is a public space. IMVU allows users to communicate with others, therefore, it is highly advisable not to mention any personal information such as addresses, real names, telephone numbers or even their city of residence. According to their safety page “Tell your teens they should avoid posting or saying anything in a chat that would make it easy for a stranger to find them, such as their local hangouts, where they go to school, etc.”

Encourage your teens to report inappropriate behavior. IMVU lists several easy ways for users to report anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. If any user suspects he/she is being played, scammed, or “catfished” on IMVU, he/she should report it to IMVU and the proper authorities.

What is IMVU ‘s Review?

According to several sources online, several parents, teens and professional reviewers mentioned their fear of the following:

Sexual Content

According to this resource, several users were alarmed by the fact that a 65 year old man,for example, might be sharing what they deemed “sexual content” with a teen in one of the 3D or 2D chatrooms.


Drinking, Drugs, Smoking and Language

In this review: 43 % of teens polled, said there was too much drinking, drugs and smoking promoted on the network.  53% said language was an issue.

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