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What Is Gallon Smashing ?

Many people ask what is gallon smashing? Gallon smashing is new prank that older kids are performing in supermarkets across the United States. The boy or girl walks into a supermarket with a group of friends. One of them grabs two gallons of milk and throws the plastic jugs up in the air letting them smash on the tile floor. The person pretends to fall because of the milk or liquid. While he or she is doing this their friends record them in a video on their cell phones.

What Is Gallon Smashing?

Eventually the kid gets up, pretends to have a hard time getting off the floor , and walk away like nothing happened. A 19 year old who did this prank in Shoprite in New Jersey Jason Logan has been charged by police with criminal mischief. The videos watched by many on social networks like YouTube make this prank funny or amusing to viewers. This prank like many has dangerous implications. The police caught Logan on camera at the store and he also posted his prank on Facebook. He will be given a fine for his prank but does not have to serve jail time.

Logan performed this stunt or prank because he saw a video of someone else doing it. He thought it would be amusing and funny. The problem with gallon smashing is that the gallon jugs could hit another person like kids or an elderly person. Also, someone could fall and break an arm or leg if they do not see the milk. Liquid on a tile floor is slippery and easily causes accidents.

Increasing Number of Gallon Smashing Incidents

There are many groups of teens and college student around the country that have participated in gallon smashing. The videos are many videos posted on Facebook and YouTube. A high school senior recently was charged by police in an incident at Topps Market in Newfane. Store employees recognized him when seeing a video and he bragged about the incident on Facebook.

This 18 year old was picked up by the police at the local high school and charged with criminal mischief. There had been several incidents at stores in this area over the last few weeks. Three Virginia high school student who started this trend have been charged by the police in Fairfax, Virginia. The three teens went into supermarkets, smashed gallons of milk or juice and filmed themselves using their smartphones. These films were posted to the Internet. They were charged with disorderly conduct and destruction of property after a long investigation.

These three teens pranks made them local heroes at their high schools and popular on social media like Facebook and YouTube. Hundreds of users have posted comments on Facebook and YouTube about the videos they made of gallon smashing. These videos were posted under a section of Facebook called The Chaizey Channel that stands for cheesy and has many similar films of pranks.

The three teens charged in Fairfax could face fines as high as $1,000 or more and up to one year in jail for destruction of property and disorderly conduct. This is not a prank anyone wants to take lightly. Many shows like Fear Factor and Betty White’s Off Their Rockers have made pranks popular with teens and college kids.

There are many different pranks performed by kids but some turn into a major problems while others are harmless. How do you decide when a prank crosses the line? The deciding factor is when it has the potential to hurt other people then it is no longer just a prank.

Gallon smashing in most supermarkets is not considered a prank. The safety of their customers is important. Milk or liquid on the floor creates the possibility of someone falling and getting hurt. Many lawsuits in supermarkets come from someone falling on slippery tiles. Injuring others is not funny but a criminal offense. Smashing milk is destroying property and most stores are starting to bring criminal charges against students that do this.

Most supermarkets have surveillance cameras that capture what’s going on in the store. Those that perform gallon smashing are taking the risk of being caught by police. Store employees that work in the store could be injured too and have to clean up the mess made by this prank. Often this just adds to the stress and aggravation.

What Parents Should Do about Gallon Smashing

Talk with your kids about pranks. When they see a video on social networks or TV tell them to watch it carefully. Talk about the prank and decide whether it is funny or harmful. Any prank that has the potential to hurt them or someone else should not be attempted. Don’t encourage kids to film pranks on their cell phones without your supervision.

Don’t let teen have cell phones that they can use anytime they choose. Limit the amount of time they spend using it. Don’t let them take it to school and when they go out with friends. . If you find they have performed a harmful prank take away the smartphone or cell phone for a few months. Make sure your kids face some consequence for inappropriate behavior.

Try to decide when a prank crosses the line and become dangerous to others. Sometimes even when the person does not intend harm the prank still results in harm. It is very easy to think that something funny is not harmful. When looking at a funny video of gallon smashing many teens will say that looks like fun and I want to try this.

Sometime the person performing the gallon smashing gets hurt. They slip and fall, hit their head, or break a bone. In the act of being funny they get hurt not realizing that this prank can lead to problems. The line between joking and bullying can be crossed. Gallon smashing does cross this line because it often scares people and causes accidents.

Those that perform these pranks show no respect for others property. Some kids know when to draw the line; others don’t seem to realize the consequences of their actions. Gallon smashing has become a trend due to the videos on the Internet. Know what videos your children are, watching, filming, and posting on social networks.

You can help prevent problems by monitoring their cell phone and Internet use. This is because many teens and college students have not learned common sense when using a smartphone or social media. These leads to bad judgment and costly mistakes.

Pranks can be fun and a harmless way to get a laugh. Teaching kids ways to determine the difference is important so they can decide what is a harmful prank and what is not. Gallon smashing is harmful it has lead to several arrests and injuries. Kids that have respect for others property would never participate in this type of prank. They would be too afraid of the consequences of their actions. These means adults have to teach kids the difference between fun pranks and harmful ones. This is especially true when we talk about what is gallon smashing and the consequences of playing his prank.

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