What is Facebook?

So what is Facebook? Facebook is the World’s largest Social Network. Created in 2004 by then Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg, This social network has over one billion users from all over the world.

The social network, free of charge, allows any user with a valid email who is over the age of 13 to register. Once registered, the user can create a profile for himself, his school, company, church group and so on.

What is Facebook ‘s List of Features?

1-      Groups

Facebook allows users to create groups for people with common interests to share and interact with each other at any time.

2-      IMs and Chat

Called presence technology, this aspect allows users to see who is online/offline on Facebook at any given time.

3-      Events

Any user can create an event, invite users and keep track of the list of attendants.

4-      Pages

Any user can create a page to promote his/her business or interest and design it around the desired business needs.

5-      Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is basically a classified ads section allowing members to find and post about things they wish to acquire/sell.

6-      The Wall

A virtual bulletin board of sorts, this feature is present within each user’s personal profile and contains several networking aspects. Any “friend” can post a photo, video, text or link on another user’s wall.

7-      The Status Update

This is basically a micro-blogging feature that permits users to post short/long announcements very similar to Twitter except that it has a bigger character limit than Twitter’s 140 characters limit.

Facebook contains several other features such as the Notes, a basic blogging system, the Timeline, and the virtual photo album, the social network also has the tagging ability.

What is Facebook ‘s List of Privacy Options?

The list of Facebook’s privacy options is endless. Any user can make any of his/her activities visible of invisible to anyone or everyone or selects a group of specific “friends” where they don’t see certain updates on his/her profile.

Users can choose whether others can find their profile via any searching mechanism and choose which part of their profile is public or allowed to certain friends.

A user can also block any connection for any reason or for a limited amount of time. Each status update or photo can be visible to friends and friends of friends or visible to the user only.

Users can interact privately via the messaging feature or communicate in public via the wall or the chat feature, any of these features can be made visible to anyone or no one.

What is Facebook ‘s List of Security Concerns?

1-      Zuckerberg Hacked

In August 2013, News broke out that a Palestinian researcher named Khalil Shreateh had managed to post a text message on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s page. They are not “Facebook Friends”

The story itself is funny but goes out to show that like any system, cracks are meant to come up. Khalil Shreateh says the site’s security team didn’t take his warnings about a security flaw seriously.

“First, sorry for breaking your privacy and post(ing) to your wall,” wrote Khalil Shreateh. “I (have) no other choice to make after all the reports I sent to (the) Facebook team.”

Shreateh explained to CNN that he managed to find this bug that would a brilliant thing for spammers, data miners and scam artists who would love nothing more to tap into the 1 billion user goldmine that is Facebook.

Later on, Shreateh posted on his blog the thread of emails that he had previously exchanged with the Facebook security team before hacking into Zuckerberg’s wall. The security team had dismissed his emails as a scam containing untruthful information.

Facebook went on to fix the bug and later on de-activated Shreateh’s account as he “violated Facebook’s terms of service by hacking the pages of other users, Shreateh is not eligible to receive a reward under the site’s White Hat program designed to find and fix bugs.”

2-      Deleted Data and Data Collection

One of the biggest security concerns of Facebook is the fact that several organization and security firms claim Facebook saves user information on its servers even after a user has deleted said information from his/her account, from pokes to likes, it is said that Facebook saves everything and will only disclose information from users by a binding court order, raising questions of “real privacy” over at Facebook.

There are several other security fears concerning Facebook such as a user’s infinite inability to terminate his/her account, leaving the information out there in cyber space even if he/she no longer use Facebook. In simpler terms, One can never delete a Facebook account for good.

What is Facebook ‘s Potential Danger?

1-      Stress

Several Psychological Experts have raised their concern of the constant exposure of one’s private life over social networks such as Facebook, living in a fully published life can lead to anxiety and stress. There were several cases reported of suicide simply over a changed “relationship status” on Facebook.

2-      Cyber Bullying

Sadly speaking, there are endless waves of cyber bullying, harassment and defamation easily applied in Facebook, while the website maintains a “no-abuse” policy and attempts to take reporting such incidents very seriously, parents and teachers all over the world are strongly concerned over the growing trend of CyberBullying on Facebook.

For more information on Cyber Bullying and Facebook, we invite you to check our resources on the matter such as Bullying is the New Danger on Facebook and Facebook Vs The Bully, Who Wins?

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