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What is Domestic Violence?

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Many people have heard the term “domestic violence,” but not everyone understands the concept. Domestic violence is not just one event that can occur. Domestic violence is a series of events that may occur between family members who live together in the same household. Domestic violence issues usually pertain to people who are related by blood and live in the same household. However, some instances of domestic violence can and do occur between people who do not share blood or common residency. A large amount of people does not understand that the violence can go beyond the home. The following seeks to answer the question “What is domestic violence?”

What is Domestic Violence?

While a person may begin to understand the concept of domestic violence by envisioning a physical altercation between husband and wife, he or she should not end the vision there. Domestic violence is any violence that occurs between one member of a household and another. The persons involved in the debacle may be husband and wife, brother and sister, or mother and father. Additionally, people who have children together can also be involved in domestic violence even when they do not live together. The child bonds them together in a way that classifies them for domestic violence legalities.

What is Domestic Violence: Actions That Count as Domestic Violence

Many actions and occurrences can count as acts of domestic violence, even those that do not involve any physical contact. Yelling at someone and putting him or her down is considered domestic violence. The courts see this behavior as verbal abuse, which is damaging to the psyche. Other types of domestic violence are:

Physical: Physical domestic violence involves any contact that occurs between the two parties. It may include one type of contact or various types of contact. Punching, slapping, biting, strangling, spitting, kicking, mushing and stabbing are types of physical domestic violence. Additionally, throwing objects at people is just as violent as hitting them with a hand.

Sexual: If a male or female says that he or she does not want to have sex, then forcing the person to have sex is domestic violence. Sexual abuse and violence can occur between married couples, dating couples, relatives or roommates. Additionally, sexual abuse does not have to involve rape. Sexual abuse could be inappropriate touching, offensive words and forced prostitution. Sometimes spouses who repeatedly accuse their partners of having sex with other people can be guilty of domestic violence.

Emotional: Emotional abuse is a form of domestic violence that is often difficult to prove because of the lack of physical evidence. However, emotional abuse is one of the most potent and harmful forms of abuse that exists. It may include instances such as name calling, belittling, making promises only to break them, abruptly removing affections as a punishment, telling a child that a parent does not love him or her, and more.

Psychological: Psychological abuse is a series of cruel games that some people play to maintain control. Psychological abuse may include threatening someone with something (blackmail), making harassing phone calls, stalking a person, locking someone in a room, or making a person feel inadequate or incompetent.

Financial: Finally, some people use financial or economic abuse to maintain control of other persons. Economic abuse might include a spouse telling his wife she cannot have a job. Economic abuse might include a wife taking her husband’s money every time he is paid. Other types of economic abuse include work harassment and fraudulently using someone’s identity to obtain credit cards and other items.

What is Domestic Violence: Stopping Domestic Violence

The only way for a person to stop domestic violence is to understand what is domestic violence. A number of online anti-bullying sites have taken the time to explain domestic violence thoroughly and offer a variety of solutions for such. The solutions and advice on these sites apply to any person of any age and gender. Once a person finds support, advice and knowledge of domestic violence, the next step is stopping the abuse from occurring. Many instances of domestic violence qualify for restraining orders. Someone who has been terrorized by a spouse, ex, or family member may have the ammunition to keep the abuser away forever. Police forces are always willing to help abuse victims.

Therapy is necessary to survive and get past domestic violence. Abuse takes a toll on a person’ mind, body and spirit. The good news is that proper care can repair the damages. The heart is always capable of healing. The body will improve once a person takes steps to treat it better. The psyche, although sensitive, is capable of becoming strong and wise. No bully can take a person’s life away if he or she does not allow it to happen. If you are being abused, then contact someone now for help.

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