What is DeviantART?

What is DeviantART?

DeviantART is an online community designed to showcase various forms of art to an elaborate network of clients or art enthusiasts.

Launched back in 2000 by a group of entrepreneurs, DeviantART is located in California, United States.

What is DeviantART ‘s List of Features?

Users can exhibit their works of art online, called “Deviations”.

Work is easily categorized under digital art, literature, filmmaking, photography and so on.

Users can also include tutorials and stock photography and also create an online portfolio or list their work for sale on DeviantART’s Online Market.

Users can keep diaries and journals and post polls to gather feedback on their work.

Users can also share any design or comment via other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

For privacy, users can also share “notes”, which are private messages sent between two or more users similar to Emailing. There is also the forum and chatroom options.

What is DeviantART ‘s Selling points?

According to DeviantART, you can:

Explore over 276 million original works of art.

Exhibit your artwork to an audience of over 29 million members.

Set up a profile, create galleries, and build a fan base.

Communicate, collaborate and learn from artists from over 190 countries.

Make money selling your art in the deviantART Shop.

What is DeviantART ‘s List of Potential Dangers?

According to this source: Parents need to be aware of potential dangers lurking within DeviantART, while it is highly advisable to help your child showcase their work online, it is also highly advisable to talk to them about what could be happening on DeviantART. It is great for teens but not for younger children as some art works can contain nudity or suggestive poses. It can also promote violence or drug use, while all of the previous can be reported on other social networks, on DeviantART it is basically a work of art, pertaining to freedom of expression. While reporting is off the table, it never hurts to actually talk to your teen/child about reporting anything they might find offensive on DeviantART’s un-moderated chatrooms or forums. Also, some users might resolve to offensive comments on your teen’s work which is considered as bullying. Get a conversation going on what is ok to be dealt with on DeviantART and what is not.

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