What is Cafemom?

What is Cafemom?

Launched in 2006 and based in New York, ironically by two men, Cafemom is an ad-supported social network directed at mothers and expecting mothers.

In 2007, only one year after its launch, Cafemom became the most frequented website for women, getting around 8 million unique visitors with over 140 million page views.

In 2010, Cafemom launched a related blog called The Stir, which features all original content on topics such as parenting issues and how to overcome them, events, decorating and homemaking and celebrities and gossip.

What is Cafemom’ s Feature list?

CafeMom is dedicated to Moms, being as it is, that means it is not allowed for men to join the website and if a man is reported to have become a member, the account is terminated right away.

Users can access Cafemom in two different methods, one as a visitor and the second as a registered user.


If a user decides not to become a member of Cafemom, the website is still available to browse for information and reading articles and blog posts and use the search option and several other features in the tab as well as posting in the polls tab without joining the website.


With a simple free registration process, moms can join the Cafemom social network without issues. This allows them to ask questions, post pieces of advice on any topic, create their own blog, and opt for receiving free products for review from any sponsor of Cafemom. The registration form requires information to match information posted by the same user on other social networks.

As mentioned above, Cafemom is famous for being a “dad-free zone”. But Dads can still go onto pages and receive advice but are not allowed to create accounts or become members.

Members can upload photos, post comments and leave messages for other members. There is also the email feature and the buddy list (similar to Facebook’s friend list).

What is Cafemom ’s List of Related Products?

The Stir

CafeMom has a blog called “The Stir” which posts over 50 free articles and blog posts a day covering everything from “parenting to politics”.

CafeMom Studios

CafeMom Studios is a video programming hub that produces entertaining and informational video programming made for moms. With all original content, CafeMom Studios offers a various selection of videos also dedicated to moms and maternity.


In January 2012, CafeMom launched MamásLatinas, a bilingual online destination dedicated to understanding, connecting, entertaining and empowering Latina moms by super-serving their culturally unique interests and needs.

Andrew Shue, one of the founders, said they had polled users and asked what the moms thought.  “92% of the Latina moms polled said there was nothing out there that met their needs and 94% said they’d be very interested in a Latina-mother focused site,” says Shue.

The Prowl

A fresh launch in August 2013, The Prowl is a social shopping destination that blends community and commerce to give women a new way to discover and share products they love.

As with all social networks, a chance of cyber bullying is out there, Stay Aware and Stay Safe. 

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