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What is being done with Bullying in Canada

Bullying in Canada: Definition of a Bully

According to Webster’s Dictionary, “a bully is one who is habitually cruel to others who are weaker or have less control. Canada, the United States, and across the world victims are fighting bullies to increasing proportions. Those who decide to bully leave a lifetime of emotional scars and damage the victim to the core of their spirit. The United States is considering writing into law, calling bullying a federal offense that will no longer be tolerated.

Good Natured Teasing versus Bullying, a Fine Gray Line

There is a subtle gray line between natural ribbing and occasional teasing of another person and bullying of that person. Sometimes outright bullying is hard to define when it is happening, and parents turn a deaf ear, figuring that it is a common part of growing up. Bullying in Canada has declined over recent years, thanks to the citizens fighting the good fight against bullying of adults, young children and teenagers. There are four kinds of bullies.

Bullying in Canada: The Cyber Bully

This bully is the most dangerous and emotional scarring of all the remaining three bullies. This bully uses electronic means to make harmful and damaging remarks to the victim. The sad part about this is that the bully is extremely believable. People will begin to believe what they have to say about the victim, to the point where shunning of the victim takes place by friends, family, and sometimes co-workers.

Bullying in Canada: The Verbal Bully

This bully uses name-calling and possible racist comments in front of others directed towards their victim. Their remarks are insulting and humiliating to the victim. The bully uses abusive, vulgar language and is offensive to their victim.

Bullying in Canada: The Physical Bully

This bully will use physical contact towards the victim. The bully will steal or damage their property. The bully uses hitting, kicking or punching at their victim to damage and physically hurt their victim. They may spit, pinch or scratch their victim.

Bullying in Canada: The Emotional Bully

This bully is much like the cyberbully and the other two all wrapped up together. The emotional bully spreads nasty false stories about their victim. The bully will spread horrific rumors about the victim that frequently gets to the point of friends shunning the victim and belief of these rumors will be hard for the victim to disprove. Frequently the victim will find they have been omitted from group activities and social invitations of their friends because of the belief of these lies.

Survey results on Bullying in Canada

When results of recent surveys taken in Canada, showed over 70 percent of teenagers say they have experienced bullying at one time or another. The other smaller percent is the one doing the bullying. Frequently a parent does not know what is happening. Many times parents do not know that their child is a bully. Parents find out that their child is the victim of a bully. In either case the parents should feel heartbroken and take all the steps, they can to eliminate the situation.

Bullying is reaching an epidemic level in Canada with a larger percentage of girls saying they have experienced bullies vicious attacks. Boys are in the lesser percentage of those admitting they have experienced bullying. This bully nature starts about grade three and nine. Surveys report that most bullies find themselves in jail by the time they are 30 years of age.

The results of surveys and interviews in Canada found some bullies admitted that what they were doing was wrong, but they did not know how to stop. They admitted that when their parents found out about what they were doing, their parents tried different approaches, but nothing worked.

Bullies are expressing behavior that needs to be contained because bullies will take this with them into adulthood. Childhood bullies frequently follows the child into adulthood and onto serious problems.

When no approaches work to change a bully, then what?

Some parents in Canada have turned to military school when all other approaches have failed to change their bully child around. This military school has many attendees who suffer from behavioral problems. This school’s goal is to change the behavior of the bully for the sake of the bully and their victim, through a strict structured living environment and teaching self-discipline.

These bullies and victims who have changed their life around in military school share their anti-bullying commitment throughout the world. These kids vow never be a bully or victim again nor will they stand around and witness a bully at work on their victim. Every kid in military school signs this pledge.

The signs of a child experiencing bullying go through their own private ‘Hell’ while most parents are oblivious to their child’s problem. There are concrete signs and symptoms of a child victim of bullying. Parents need to be aware of these symptoms in order to get help to the child as soon as possible.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services released these Signs of a bully

  • Is the child in repeated fights?
  • Is the child involved with a new group of friends who appear to have some behavior or attitude problems and seem as though they are bullies?
  • Is the child becoming aggressive, fighting at school and has frequent reports of getting into trouble?
  • Is the child coming home with new possessions and money from unknown sources?
  • Does the child frequently blame other kids for their problems, and refuse to accept responsibility for their mistakes?
  • Does the child have a newfound admiration for their popularity?
  • Does the child express an over-bearing need to win all competitions?

What about Bullying in Canada?

Parents in Canada are becoming more aware of this bully epidemic through changing signs and symptoms in their child. They are finding out those single things that used to make their child happy, are no longer the case. A simple school bus ride, bathroom visits at school or usual routine school activities have become an agonizing and frightful for the child.

Victims of bullies many times turn into bullies themselves because this gives them a small sense of displaced power, and importance in the eyes of other kids. This helps to raise their squelched self-esteem. Depression in the child is a common symptom and needs investigating.

Learn more about Canada’s fight against Bullying.

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