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What is a Sex Offender Doing to Your Children

What is a Sex Offender

What is a Sex Offender?
The United States has very specific laws about sex and how someone is able to demonstrate sex and their own genitalia. While there are right places for it, there are also some very wrong places as well. Someone who has broken the rules set forth inside of the country, they face sex offender charges. This does not mean they necessarily go out and try to have sex with people, but they might simply expose themselves to people outside of their home who do not want to see it. There are different levels of sex offenders, with each level varying, depending on what the person is doing. Some of these levels do vary, depending on the state, as each state has its own set of sex offender rules and regulations. At one point in time, public urination was included on the sex offender list. This could cover someone relieving themselves in bushes after going to the bar at night, and while this is still a crime, most states now have it reduced and, at least on the first offense, it is no longer going to force a person to be considered a sex offender, although the number of times a person is caught before this changes does usually vary, depending on the state they live in.

Sex Offender Classification

In general, there are three levels of sex offenders. There is a Risk Level 1, which is low, Risk Level 2, which is moderate, and Risk Level 3, which is someone who is most likely to re-offense. The Risk Level 3 also receives the most direct monitoring of any of the three classifications. The risk level is ultimately determined by the local law enforcement and can vary, depending on what the person did and what their criminal history is.

Someone who is a Risk Level 1 is someone who is the least likely to commit another sex-oriented crime. They are someone who is not the predatory type who is going to go out and seek gratification by exposing themselves or attempting to perform sexual acts on someone who does not want it. This particular person usually has gone through some sort of a treatment program and the vast majority of these people are first time offenders as well. For the most part, people who fall under the registered sex offender list kidnapped or performed unwanted sex on another person. The majority of their victims are related with or lived with the person.

A Risk Level 2 is someone who is considered a moderate risk to the rest of the community and they do have a higher likelihood of re-offending than someone who is a Level 1 offender. This person is usually classified as someone who is more likely to commit the crime again due to the nature of their first crime and their previous lifestyle, such as someone who has been arrested for drug or alcohol abuse. Many of these people have refused to take any sort of class or program to help with the situation, or they simply failed the course all together. This kind of a person usually takes time to groom their potential victims and, eventually, uses threats against their victims to prevent them from coming forward and inform someone of what is going on. Most of these crimes tend to be predatory where the person builds trust in the other individual. The psychological damage the person does to such an individual, which can be anyone from a child to an adult, can linger and stay with the person for the rest of their lives, yet this kind of an individual does not seem to recognize this as a problem at all.

A Risk Level 3 person has the highest chance of re-offending, if they are given the right opportunity. This sort of an individual usually has other convictions, both in criminal cases and sex crime cases as well. They also have a lifestyle that places them into this specific classification, such as the drug and alcohol abuse (although this is not mandatory to be placed into the Risk Level 3, as there are some people who do not abuse alcohol or drugs at all, yet are still in this classification). Some of these people do have a predatory characteristic in which they seek out their victim and they have either refused or failed to complete a treatment program designed to help with their situation. These sorts of people have multiple victims, although they do not always know the victims, which is the case with the Risk Level 2 individual. These crimes can often become incredibly cruel, whether it is locking the person into a small space or other actions that can cause physical distress, as well as emotional distress. The person also tries to deny and minimize their actions, even if they are caught. This sort of an individual also tends to have a severe personality disorder. Not very many people receive the Risk Level 3 classification, but it again does depend on what area of the country it takes place in.


Now that you know the answer to the question of “what is a sex offender,” you need to know that you are protected against these individuals through a notification system. This requires the individual to generally notify those people who live around them of their current status. Each Risk Level has its own set of notification requirements. Of course, these requirements can vary, depending on what state and even what city you live in.

A person with a Risk Level 1 classification has information that is generally shared with all other law enforcement agencies, should the person move out of the given area (if they are even allowed to). Typically, their information is released to victims, witnesses or other community members who live near the person or expect to live in the given area. However, a Risk Level 1 individual is not always subject to a public notification. This can be up to the judge of the case, and if the judge believes the original issue proved to be most likely an isolated incident.

A person with a Risk Level 2 has all of their information shared with other law enforcement agencies, regardless of where they go after they are released (even after their probation is up). Their information is also released to any public and private school system, day care centers and family day care providers, businesses and any other sort of organization that works with children, women and vulnerable adults. This information is also usually released to the local community as well. It also informs people in the area where the individual is planning on living or where they are expecting to reside. If they do not have a regular home (such as a homeless individual), if the person is regularly found in a given area, this information is also provided as well.

Someone who is a Risk Level 3 has their information released in the same manor as a person who is a Risk Level 2, although the news media usually also receives the information (although the news media can typically obtain the material in a Risk Level 2 from one of the parties who receives it). Any community member has free access to all Level 2 and Level 3 individuals through their local records office. The local records office might also be found online, making it easy for someone to look up where a potential sex offender might live.

Sex Offenders In Your Area

Whether you are curious or worried, it is possible to look up information regarding registered sex offenders and where they are currently located. There are several different websites that provide this sort of information. Your own state is usually going to have a website for this, so if you search the internet for “Registered Sex Offenders” and your state name, you should be able to locate all of the information you need. On top of this, there are two other desirable websites, including the Family Watch Dog and the FBI Sex Offender Registry. All of this information is public and can be accessed through other means, but these websites make sure you can gain access to the content, should you want. This is helpful if you are looking at moving into a new area and want to investigate, or if you have a child who walks home and you want to make sure they walk down a path where there is no chance of them coming in contact with any sort of registered sex offender.

There are different levels of sex offenders in the United States. While the classifications can change, depending on where you live in the country, the majority of every state maintains similar regulations and rules regarding not only the classifications but the notifications. However, what might differ is the length of time the notification remains on the person. Usually, both a Risk Level 2 and 3 are for life.

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