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What Everyone Ought To Know About Reporting Cyber Bullying…

What Everyone Ought To Know About Reporting Cyber Bullying…

Before learning more on Reporting Cyber Bullying, Did you know that…?

1-There’s currently 45 cyber-stalking (and relevant issues) laws in the book; ranging from those focusing on child-predators, as well adult cyber-stalking victims

So it’s clear that being a target victim is not necessarily associated with age or experience; but rather the personal fetishes or fixations of the stalker. Nevertheless, most victims unfortunately resort to self-blame in an attempt to comprehend the situation; an instead of realizing that the predator is disturbed, they find fault within themselves, which only elevates the problem, sometimes leading to a reluctance in their part to report the situation

2-That’s why it’s necessary for the victim to acknowledge the gravity of the offence, and the need to report it to the concerned authority. Reporting Cyber Bullying is essential!

3- When it comes down to laws on Reporting Cyber Bullying

There have been many legislative attempts to facilitate the control of bullying and cyber bullying. The problem is due to the fact that some existing legislation is incorrectly thought to be tied to bullying and cyber bullying (terms such as libel and slander). The problem is they do not directly apply to it nor define it as its own criminal behavior.

 Anti-cyber bullying advocates even expressed concern about the broad scope of applicability of some of the bills attempted to be passed.

Even worse is the fact that verbal bullying is often disregarded, as it holds no tangible offence record- Bullying is can be overlooked under the pretext of freedom of speech; a definite free-pass for many bullies.

4-Most law enforcement agencies have cyber-crime units and often Internet stalking is treated with more seriousness than reports of physical stalking.  Help and resources can be searched by State or area.

5-The Safety of school is becoming a huge deal at the present, and a lot of legislation is being passed just to ensure that; Throughout the US, UK and Australia in specific, a lot of initiatives and curriculum requirements are being enacted- an obvious indication that not only is bullying on the rise, but also that it’s gaining more attention, and awareness is finally being spread.

6-The Teachers part with Reporting Cyber Bullying

-Many victims of Cyber Bullying will not tell their parents or an authority figure of what they’re going through, for fear that their access to technology will be taken from them; a vital need for any modern-day teen.

-On another hand the reluctance youth have in telling an authority figure of instances of cyber bullying has led to fatal outcomes (At least three children between the ages of 12 and 13 have committed suicide due to depression brought on by Cyber Bullying– according to reports by USA Today and the Baltimore Examiner)

Most Cyber Bullying often goes unreported as the victim feels nothing can be done to help in their current situation. However, if given the proper tools with preventative measures and more power in the classroom, teachers can be of assistance to the problem of cyber-bullying. If the parent, teacher, and victim can work together, a possible solution or remedy can be found with Reporting Cyber Bullying.

Teachers should be involved in all prevention educational models, as they are essentially the “police” of the classroom. That’s not always how students perceive them, and a lot of the times the teacher may seem distant or unconcerned; that’s why a simple training course, that  illustrates how a teacher can be more involved, and how to notice possible distress signals; is a great tactic to destroy the teacher-student barrier.

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