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What Does LML Mean, How is it Used and Why Should Parents Care?

What Does LML Mean

Typing out long phrases or sentences has evolved to keep up with the speed of conversation, and for that reason, all important information is conveyed in text messages using abbreviations and acronyms, also known as “texting language” or “textese”. One such abbreviation that is used is LML. Understanding what does LML mean will be helpful when it comes to understanding the messages being send and the updates being posted, both through texting and through social media websites such as Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. 

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Why is Texting Language Used?

There are several different abbreviations and acronyms that are used on social media and in texting. Instead of typing out the entire phrase, the acronym or abbreviation is used out of convenience, where the need to communicate with as little effort as possible along with laziness shape the language we use taking comprehension into consideration.

It can be argued that because language changes with time, and with our world constantly evolving, it makes sense that the way people use to communicate changes. And due to the prevalent utilization of technologies such as mobile phones and mobile devices causing the wide-spread usage of texting language, it is important for parents and teachers to understand the meanings of these acronyms in order to be able to monitor and manage what their children say and post online and help them use social media responsibly.

Consequently, some of these abbreviations may be misunderstood by parents and teachers, and so, it is quite helpful to understand what acronyms mean in order to fully comprehend the meanings behind the messages posted on social media. This article highlights what does LML mean, how it can be understood or utilized, and why should you, as a parent or teacher, care. For more textese abbreviations, check this article on common acronyms and their meanings.

What Does LML Mean and How is it Used?

The LML is an acronym for “Love My Life” and is used to convey positivity in text messaging or social media platforms, such as when something good happened to a person during the day, or if they enjoyed different kinds of fun activities. For instance, LML can be used in a post about vacationing in Hawaii with loved ones or enjoying a birthday celebration.

LML can also mean “Laugh Mad Loud”, conveying laughter; however, it seems this use of the acronym is less wide-spread than using it to convey happiness. There are several other more frequently used phrases for conveying humor, such as LOL, which means “Laughing Out Loud,” or LMAO, which means “Laughing My Ass Off”. There is also the abbreviation LMFAO, which is short for “Laughing My F***ing Ass Off”, or ROFL/ROTFL, which is short for “Rolling on the Floor Laughing”.

The antonym of LML (when used to show happiness in a situation) is the abbreviation FML, which means the exact opposite of “love my life”; it is short for “F*** My Life”. This means the individual is upset with what is happening, or that something occurred that may have been less than desirable, or that someone did something that is unfavorable. An example would include accidentally dropping a treasured object and breaking it and then creating a post on social media about how they broke their favorite object followed by the acronym FML.

How Can Texting Language Affect My Child?

Some may argue that texting language is the downfall for the English language, stating that literacy levels have dropped since children have become accustomed to texting and using abbreviations instead of words. Some teachers claim that texting language is creeping into writing assignments, where students are omitting punctuation and misspelling words.

On the other hand, the British Journal of Developmental Psychology published a research which found that texting could positively affect language development as well as reading abilities in young people, thus improving literacy. Linguistics professor David Crystal agrees, stating that another study carried out by a team from Coventry University showed a positive correlation between the use of texting language and literacy; the more the children used acronyms and abbreviations, the higher they scored in vocabulary and reading tests.

Using texting language can be helpful for children, and as Forbes stated, it is important to have an understanding of what different abbreviations mean. Therefore, parents and teachers should actively update their understanding of textese. Share this article to spread what does LML mean in addition to awareness of texting language in general.

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