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What are Black on White Crimes exactly?

Racial tensions have been a reality for centuries. However, with the advent of more advanced weapons as well as the internet providing more social interaction and opportunities for individuals to taunt and anger one another, the incidents of white on black crimes as well as black on white crimes has taken on a more disturbing tone.

These types of crimes have a nasty way of developing into disturbing cycles that can quickly spiral out of control. Many people assume that when a black on white crime or a white on black crime takes place that it is automatically qualified as a hate crime. White on black hate crime or black on white hate crimes are crimes, and all crime is wrong, regardless of the nationality of the victim. In most cases this is true, however, there are also many instances when crimes take place with no racial motive at all. These types of crimes should be no less disturbing, as all human life should be honored and respected just for the fact that we are living beings.

How the Media Does Not Help

Although in many instances the media is a helpful tool which can assist us with staying aware of what is happening in our world, there are also times when the media does not help, but rather makes a situation worse. This is definitely seen when an instance of white on black crime or black on white crime has taken place. If the media takes the incident as an opportunity to increase their ratings, efforts are made to sensationalize the event. When this happens racial groups can become ignited into riot states. What the media tags as an effort to keep people informed, is actually decreasing safety for individuals involved. All acts of crime are wrong, but what is also wrong is to sensationalize one particular event and fan the emotions of groups of people by creating false sense of martyrdom. The media does this in order to actually create more news. Individuals would do well not to play into this game.

This could be easily seen in the Treyvon Martin case. Treyvon Martin was a seventeen year old African American who was shot and killed in 2012 by a neighborhood watch member. The media coverage that surrounded the case was often misleading, and in many cases was very influential in inciting heated protests all over the country. In this situation George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch member who shot Martin, could have possibly had his case negatively influenced because of media sensationalism.

Statistics on Black on White Crimes

White on black crime statistics or black on white crime statistics are hard to pinpoint. General crime statistics collected by the FBI for 2013, show that more white people are arrested for violent crimes each year than black people, however, these black vs white crime statistics are relevant to all population. Blacks and individuals of other races are considered a minority because there is literally fewer black people in our population than there are white people. The FBI statistics gathered for 2013 do not directly show how crimes were targeted whether white on black or black on white.

The Appropriate Response to Black on White Crimes

The idea that a crime against one member of a race committed by another member of another race tears away from the basic sense of what is right and wrong. The very idea that white on black or black on white crime is more evil than black on black crime or white on white crime strengthens the message that some lives are more worth protecting than others. This is the crux of many violence issues in our society. People subconsciously categorize certain types of crimes as OK while other types of crimes are really wrong. All crime is wrong. Racial tension and prejudice is wrong as well. However, when we send the message to young people that it is more evil to commit a crime against someone of another race, we are sending confusing ideas.

Our young people need to know that treating all people of all races with kindness and respect is the only way to reduce crime in our society. Helping young people to find positive extracurricular activities as well as social environments where they can feel included and important can help them to develop their own sense of individuality and purpose. A lack of identity and purpose leads people, especially young people to find fulfillment is dangerous, or self-destructive ways.

Resources on Black on White Crimes

There are many resources available to help parents share non-violent practices with their children so that instances of black on white crimes and white on black crimes will not be something that your kids are perpetrating in the future. Boy Scouts of America organizes a great Kids against Crime campaign each year to help educate young people on what crime is, and why people engage in crimes. Getting your kids involved in great social clubs like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts is a wonderful way to help them make important social connections, and to help them feel they are being included in something positive and uplifting in the community. Kids who are involved in their communities in this way are far less likely to engage in criminal activity than children who are not.

What Can Parents Do

One of the best ways to make sure your child or teenager does not become involved in black on white crimes or white on black crimes, is to makes sure that at all times your child feels as if they are an integral part of your family. A sense of belonging helps a child not to seek out validation through illegal activities or to seek companionship with questionable characters.

In addition to helping make your child feel that they are an important part of family life, it is also important to monitor what types of people your child hangs around with as well as what kinds of media your child is exposed to. The introduction of excessively violent video games, movies and television programming can have a negative effect on the way a child views the world. Extremely violent media, games or programming give kids the message that such behavior is OK and that there are not real consequences for such actions. It is more beneficial for your child to be educated on the criminal justice system in our country and the very real consequences that young people face when they break the law, such as spending time in juvenile delinquency institutions. Although some parents may think that this type of reality check for kids would be disturbing, what is actually disturbing is the level of violence that most people will allow their children exposed to for not apparent purpose at all.

Keeping your kids involved in positive community outreach programs, will also give them a chance to understand how other individuals in the community live and the special challenges they must face. This will help to generate a sense of compassion in your children that could be influential in the future as they begin to interact with others. Racial tensions which breed white on black and black on white crime can be eased when kids are encouraged to reach out to one another in the community and work together to make things better. Keeping kids involved in their communities is a great way to cut down the black on white crime rates, white on black crime rates or instances of white on black hate crime and black on white hate crime.

Volunteering at homeless shelters, hospitals, and getting involved with community clean up initiatives help kids to meet new people, give to their community and begin to develop a sense of belonging and purpose which will cut down on their chances of being involved in crimes of any kind in the future. It is very easy to simply tell kids what they should not do, but unless parents provide an alternative to their kids and tell them what they in fact should be doing, kids will simply try to find the answers on their own.

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