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What a Bullying Victim Goes Through

It’s hard to imagine “What a bullying victim goes through”, on a day to day basis. There are no feelings worse than the feelings of bullied victims. As adults, it is our job to protect our children, and the children who are placed in our care, for an undetermined amount of time. We as adults have failed to provide our children with the protection they are entitled to. Of course, parents, teachers and caregivers cannot be with their children all day. However, there are solutions and alternatives we can offer them to help them deal with the after math of being bullied.

Physical Signs of a Bullying Victim

A bullied victim goes through emotional and physical pain. They are often withdrawn, depressed and experience feelings of disappointment and worthlessness. They have a few friends, who are probably being bullied as well, or are afraid to get involved. Teachers may not see anything wrong with children teasing each other, or horse playing around, as they call it. It could be that teachers are not fully aware of how bullies operate. They may not understand the ways of a bully, because they have not witnessed a bully in action before, or they have not been trained on the tactics of a bully.

Bullies start bullying at a very early age. Bullies can start their bullying career at the age of 2 if parents don’t nip aggressive behaviors in the bud. Thousands of children skip school each day, due to being bullied. As long as bullying is allowed to continue, the number may increase dramatically. More than half of the students in school have witnessed other children being bullied. Why children don’t intervene or tell an adult about the activities of bullies, are questions that still need to be answered. Just like most adults, children do not want to get involved, in fear of being the next victim. Perhaps their parents have told them not to get involved.

Bullying Victim Issues: No One Wants to Get Involved

Whatever the reason or reasons may be, for not getting involved, everyone is to blame. Bullying victims may feel that bullies are given a free pass to bully, because those who are sworn to protect them are turning the other way. This is why many victims take matters into their own hands. When they feel that no one is going to help them or that no one is capable of helping them, they create or devise an escape of their own. When they redeem themselves in a way that is not appropriate, everyone is angry, and wants to offer suggestions. Answer to problems should be presented, before problems escalate, not when they get out of hand.

When the bullied victims fight back, everyone wants to criticize and point fingers, but no one was there to help. No one knows what emotional and physiological torment is being inflicted on bullied victims, over a period of time. Bullied victims spent all of their days and nights worrying about the next day. “What is my bully going to do to me tomorrow?” My teacher can’t help me, or looks the other way. “Who can I tell; if my bully found out I asked for help, will I be in real trouble?” These are just a few thoughts that bullied victims think about.

Bullying Victim Problem: Why Victims Don’t Fight Back

Victims are not in a position to fight back, physically, emotionally or verbally. Their voice is silenced by the abuse and ridicule of their bully. If and when they do try to defend themselves, they are laughed at, and made to look and feel foolish, in front of a group of people. They feel all alone, because their friends are just as powerless as they are. They find comfort in other victims, because now they have someone that can identify with what they are going through. Being a target or the object of someone’s frustration, anger or hatred is not the kind of life for children to be living. Bullies imprison their victims, by taking their rights, their thought, their creativity and their right to pursue happiness away. The actions of bullies produce children that grow up to be bullies themselves. In some cases, victims become violent, abusive angry and unhappy. As more and more adults are being educated on the tactics of bullying, and how to disarm them, there are bound to be less occurrences.

Spread the word on the need to protect a bullying victim from getting severely bullied. Help a bullying victim today!

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