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Ways of Fighting Depression

Ways of Fighting Depression

If you feel depressed or feel like you are currently fighting off depression, it might cheer you up to realize that you are not alone. Almost 7% of the American population is diagnosed with the most severe form of depression, clinical depression . This does not even include the millions of people everyday who are battling with lesser forms of depression. Depression is a normal response to negative circumstances in our lives. However, the way we handle these feelings of depression is what makes a difference between whether we get clinically depressed or not. Learn about Ways of Fighting Depression.

Ways of Fighting Depression: Do Not Blame Yourself

Most depression is a result of guilt. When we begin blaming ourselves for negative situations, the weight of that guilt can literally push us down into depression. Regardless of what the situation is, even if it was your fault, once you have done all you can to correct a problem you have caused, you must release that negativity and move on to the next thing in your life. We all make mistakes, but allowing yourself to dwell on the mistakes for an extended period of time will contribute to a sense of depression and can even result in physical illness. This can prolong the process of fighting off depression.

Ways of Fighting Depression: Out of Your Hands

If your feelings of depression stem from situations that were not your fault and are out of your control, you must make an effort to release yourself from the worry associated with that situation. A human can only control so much. Once you have determined that something is beyond your control then your attitude about that thing will be determined by your perspective. If you cling to a perspective that assures you that you will be ok no matter what, then you can overcome your cause of depression.

Ways of Fighting Depression: Take Action If You Can

If you are fighting depression over situations that you can take control of, or can take action to change then do so. Taking action to change a situation in a positive way is a very empowering feeling. Depression results from a sense of helplessness, but once you take action that sense of helplessness vanishes and is replaced with a sense of power and control.

Ways of Fighting Depression: Focus on Something Constructive

Bringing something new into your life to focus on is a great way to fight off depression. A new pet, hobby, support group or activity are all great outlets. Things like this will give you the opportunity to focus on something positive that will add energy and motivation back into your life. One of the best ways to get the focus off of your problems or your depression is to actively become a part of helping others. Volunteer work that focuses on people less fortunate than yourself can really turn your perspective around concerning your situation. Good possibilities are homeless shelters, hospitals, food banks, or animal shelters.

Ways of Fighting Depression: No Shame

One of the quickest ways to worsen your depression is by hiding it and refusing to talk about it. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a natural reaction to negative circumstances. Finding a safe place where you can talk about your feelings will help you fight depression. Sometimes all you need is a compassionate friend. Some people find support groups that specialize in what they are going through to be helpful. There are even chat rooms devoted to allowing people to vent or discuss their depression. Find an outlet that feels safe and comfortable to you and share with someone else what you are going through. Often times another person can offer a fresh perspective. More often than not, though, just the realization that you are not dealing with your problem all alone is enough to help alleviate some of the feelings of depression.

Ways of Fighting Depression: Move Your Body

This may seem unrelated, but physical exercise can be a great way to fight depression. According to the Mayo Clinic, the endorphins that are released during physical exercise actually act upon the brain in the same way that anti-depressants would, but without any side effects  . You do not even have to do very intense exercise to gain the benefits. Taking a walk outside for twenty or thirty minutes can give you the endorphin rush you need.

Ways of Fighting Depression: When Things Get Serious

If you have been fighting depression for a while, and have tried ways to help yourself but nothing seems to work, you might want to consult with a doctor. Some forms of depression are more serious than others. If your depression affects your sleeping patterns, eating habits or interferes with you being able to work or go to school, it is definitely time to see a doctor. Many people have found professional counseling or medication to be a path to overcoming their depression. Over time with efficient treatment, most people are able to regain a sense of balance and live a normal happy life.

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