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Was Gia Allemand Bullied into Suicide?

Gia Allemand

Gia Allemand was 29 years old when she took her own life. She became famous for her appearances on the show “The Bachelor”. It was her insecurities, however, that eventually led to the suicide attempt that resulted in her death. Was Gia Allemand Bullied?

The Suicide, was Gia Allemand Bullied?

After her having a fight with her boyfriend, NBA star Ryan Anderson, Gia called her mother and while on the phone with her, hung herself. During the conversation, her mother realized something was amiss and called Anderson to see if he would check on her daughter. When he arrived, he found her hanging from a vacuum cord attached to a spiral staircase. Allemand was taken to the hospital where she died two days later with her family at her side.

Was Gia Allemand Bullied?

It was apparent through Allemand’s tweets that bullying and suicide were on her mind. She was distraught over the fate of a 15 year old Canadian girl who had ended her life by hanging because of bullies who continually taunted her. In the weeks and months prior to Allemand’s death, she too, had been the victim of bullying.

Celebrity bullying occurs more often than the public realizes. In Allemand’s case, her mother has made statements claiming that both Gia’s boyfriend and her father had bullied her in the weeks and days before her suicide attempt. She blames her daughter’s insecurities on how she was treated by the men in her life.

Allemand’s tweets suggest she had been bullied throughout her life, not only by former boyfriends, but classmates and friends as well. Allemand had went so far as to say that words hurt and suicide was forever, implying that she knew quite well the effects bullying had on its victims. Once she had become a celebrity, bullying seemed to take on an entirely new level of pain.

Celebrity Bullying

Celebrities are not immune from bullying. No matter how famous a person gets, someone will always be a critic. According to Allemand’s mother, her daughter had recently had a falling out with her father that had caused her immense pain and suffering. She has also gone so far as to blame Gia’s father for her death. Celebs who are bullied act just like any other person, taking the words to heart, experiencing the same pain and suffering.

In Allemand’s case, the media did not seem to help matters when they began to speculate as to why shy had attempted suicide. The father and the boyfriend seemed to be the main targets of the blame game, when, according to Allemand’s own words, she had been the victim of bullying for years. As a celebrity, her insecurities had continued to intensify leading her on a downward spiral of depression and doubt.

Celebrities Who Survived Bullying

Celebrity bullying has always existed. In fact, several famous people have not only survived it, but went on to accomplish their dreams. Michael Phelps, Rihanna, Tyra Banks and Sandra Bullock are just a few of the celebrities and athletes who took the idea of being a victim and threw it out for the option of being a survivor.

While each was taunted in their own way, they all had the resilience to look past the name calling and taunts and create careers for themselves in their chosen industries. Rihanna was ridiculed for not being “black enough” in a predominately black hip hop music world. Tyra Banks, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the fashion industry was known as “light bulb head”. Even the untouchable Howard Stern was forced into taking judo lessons so he could protect himself against bullies who taunted him relentlessly.

Most celebrities who have admitted to being bullied admit the words and actions of others hurt, but it’s all in how a person responds. They can choose to be a victim or they can choose to be a survivor. Being a celebrity does not make a person immune to the violence and bullying of others. The difference is in how many people hear about it. When the average person is bullied, very few people outside their circle of friends hear about it. When celebs are bullied, the media picks up the story and spreads it like wildfire. How the person reacts will set the stage for how bullies are dealt with on all levels.

Now you know more on the question: was Gia Allemand Bullied? we invite you spread awareness on the matter and teach others on how not to fall victim to bullying! 

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