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Videos of Bullying

Videos of Bullying

Why do you need to see videos of bullying?

Videos of bullying touch hearts and souls and put a face to the silent victims of bullying all over the world. Explore our list of top videos about bullying below.

Don’t Bully Me – PSA Music Video is one of the most interesting and heartfelt kids videos and videos of bullying out there.

One of the most heartwarming and sad anti bullying videos is this one, titled “STRAIN”

Ellouise Sykes tells her story with her cyber bullying videos

Another update from Sykes’ cyber bullying videos.

Mad World, one of the most touch bullying videos for kids out there.

NoBody likes a bully, a simple PSA in the form of a short story. This is one bullying video to keep on repeat.

One of the funniest inspiring kids videos about bullying out there. A must watch!

Another one of the most famous anti bullying videos and a bullying cartoon in nature, this is a must see for parents and kids looking for videos of bullying or a bullying video.

Detective Mcgruff teaches a bullying victim and a bystander on how to stop, talk and walk your way out of bullying, this is one inspiring bullying cartoon.

How to Stop Bullying – a Discussion with Jane Martin and

Stopping Teen Harassment with Jennie Withers on

We hope you enjoyed our compilation of bullying videos. If you come across more inspiring videos of bullying please feel free to share them with us below.

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