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Victims of Bullying and Poetry

What about Victims of Bullying and Poetry?

Resolving one’s emotions in times of distress is not an easy job especially when one is still young. Bullying is a common practice that happens in school where victims are under enormous pressure most of their waking time. From the moment the victims step outside to go to school, they can get constantly harassed. It happens all the time while waiting for the bus, while on the ride to school, in class through note passing, in school yards and lunch time. Bullying could be in the form of gay bashing, name calling, physical abuse, mobbing or any other insult based on the victim’s sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or colour. The bullying could also extend to reach victims inside their homes through the internet or their cell phone in what is referred to as cyber-bullying. Learn about Victims of Bullying and Poetry.

The amount of stress and pressure bullying victims have to go through every single day at school could get too much to handle and sadly enough, some students resort to cutting or ending their own lives for them to be able to shut down all their pain.

As attention was shifted to the issue of bullying and addressing it became part of what schools and parents have to work together to achieve, lots of new and creative methods have been introduced for students to be able to have an outlet for all the anger and pain they have stored from being bullied in school. From workshops that raise awareness against bullying, to contests for create posters against bullying to organizing anti-bullying events to setting good examples yourselves, bullying has been addressed in a positive and correct manner.

Different forms of art have also become popular when it came to handling the issue of bullying among which was poetry. Of course, poetry tackles a lot of different perspectives to this issue. Some poetry was written by the bystanders expressing their regret and remorse they did not take action against the bully. But most of the time, the poetry written to address bullying is written by the victim in an attempt to easy their pain and make themselves feel less alone.

Online publishing of these pieces of poetry about bullying from the victims’ perspectives has a rather positive effect in general. For the victim, it creates a positive outlet where they can express their emotions and feel rewarded for creating something. It also sends out messages to other victims out there that they are not alone, that someone out there feels how much they are suffering and understands the amount of pain they have to go through every day. For the bully, it might help them understand the amount of pain they are inflicting on their victims and may lead them to consider that they should stop being “mean” to other students as most of the time bullies do not understand the consequences of their bullying actions.

In one specific bullying poem titled “What They Did to Me”, a girl wrote narrating the kind of fear and pressure she has to go through every school day starting by the ring from her alarm clock up until she returns home. The bullying poem takes a dramatic twist by its end where the victim of bullying finally ends their suffering through committing suicide.

It begins slow, describing how the morning looks like before going to school and taking a twist as she walks out of her house to walk to school. The types of bullying described by the girl in the bullying poem vary from emotional to physical as she tells us she gets flipped off while walking to school, hearing whispers and laughter as she walks through the school hall, getting intentionally tipped over by the bully – while in the school hall also – where her laptop falls out of her bag and gets totally ruined as the bully pours water on it. Her self esteem is destroyed. She loses appetite for food and covers herself in dark make up in an attempt to escape all the bullying she is going through in school. The bullying does not end in class, as the bullying poem tells us. As soon as she enters the class, she finds her assigned seat to be full of gum, she tries to take it off but fails. As the class starts, mean, hateful and nasty notes are passed through the class and delivered to the victim. One would think that by the end of the school day all this insensitivity and meanness would be over, but the bullying poem goes on to tell us that bullying extends beyond the walls of the victim’s house. She checks her email when she gets home, only to find more hateful and mean messages sent to her from her colleagues at school. She figures no way out of this cycle of hate and stress other than ending her own life.

Teens and pre teens generally fear reporting cases of bullying whether they are the victims or the bystanders. The victims fear getting bullied even more for telling, feeling even more like an outcast or even having internet or phone privileges taken away from them (if the bullying suffered is in the form of cyber-bullying). The bystander on the other hand, fears losing social status by helping the victim or reporting the incidents they see. This is what makes the situation worse on the victim.

Though it is more socially unacceptable now that kids bully one another, it is still widespread and addressing the issue of Victims of Bullying and Poetry or any other form of art can sure help pushing the cause forward as art stands solid and does not go away while insults and meanness fade away. It is always good to resort to art when dealing with distress either through creating it or through simply looking into it when you need to feel less alone and more connected to people who understand you. Teach others now about Victims of Bullying and Poetry. 

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