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Various Not So Scary Types of Stalkers

There is always a room between love and war. However, there are no finer lines between obsession and love because it is an unhealthy line that can be handled incorrectly and may result in situations that are best described as unlucky. In life, you cannot get anything you like no matter how rich or beautiful you are. But, there are those that have tried hard to get even if it is not meant to be. Stalking is not easy to handle and it never was. There are thousands of reports yearly throughout America complaining about strange phone calls and other stalking activities. Learn about the common Types of Stalkers. 

Stalking is commonly described as an obsession or unwanted attention by a group or individual towards another person. Behaviors related to stalking relates to intimidation and harassment.   The word “stalking” has different meanings, in psychiatry and psychology and also in various legal jurisdictions for a criminal offence. While stalking infrequently leads to murder, it does and can lead to harassment, assault, and fear and anxiety to victims. Security and protection are the most important things to be done against the stalkers.

Stalkers may come in different reasons and for different purposes:

Identifying what type of stalker is extremely helpful in understanding how they act and think. A stalker attempts to hold the minds of their victims at their weakest point. When they are infatuated with you, they will follow every trick to break your will.

Types of Stalkers: The Rejected or Romantic Stalker

This is the most common type of stalkers. This charming personality generally turns out to be obsessed with someone they have been passionately involved with. They will try to settle with this person who has abandoned or rejected them even though, it is clear that it will not work any more.  They tend to revenge, since they feel mortified. They will try threats and even aggression, if there are previous records of relationships.

Types of Stalkers : The Intimate or Love Stalker

This is also called “erotomania”. This type of stalker believes that you are their lost soul mate, and that you belong to each other. They are actually convinced on the feelings of their victims, in their delusional thinking. This is a rare personality disorder. The trouble with this stalker is they assume that they are obliged with the victim’s affections since they have put so many endeavours. They will send gifts, cards, and letters and call their victim constantly. This stalker has no considerations for the law and will probably see any court orders. They are devious, cunning, and challenge to win the hearts of the victims.

Types of Stalkers: The Incompetent Stalker

This type of stalker will hurt their victims and almost certainly has a record of serial stalking. Their wish to have a serious and romantic relationship with their victim and is totally blind to the person’s feelings they are pursuing. This stalker has a high ego and is persuaded that everybody is fascinated with them. They are not as pushy as the other type of stalkers, and can quit the pursuance if they are endangered with legal action.

Types of Stalkers: The Predator Stalker

This is the least common among stalkers. They usually get more attention since they make a move to become front-page news. These characters are sexual predators with a yearning for satisfaction and total control of their victims. This stalker type is sexually out of the ordinary and will make sexual phone calls while fantasizing what they do once they are contained. They are anti-social and have low intelligence.

Types of Stalkers: The Resentful Stalker

This type of stalker has a real bee suffers from paranoia. If the person seeks vengeance and belongs to a large scale, then they will not touch you personally but will frighten your life by making threats verbally, damage your property and harm or steal your pet. They will also make legal actions against you as far as they can.

Types of Stalkers: The Cyber Stalker

This type of stalker works via Internet. This becomes the new playground for stalkers because they can easily wander in and out of forums and chat rooms searching for the victims. These stalkers make use of spyware to access and to find all the personal information they need. They want to make a hell out of their victim’s lives.

Qualities of A stalker:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Intense Jealousy
  • Insecurities
  • Infatuation
  • Narcissism

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