In The Teen Bully

Understanding the Bullies in Our Lives

If you ask a psychologist about bullies; he’ll tell you that they’re deeply disturbed, often mentally incapable individuals, who compensate their lack of control in one area by imposing domination in another- i.e. they’re weak.

If you ask a bully victim; they’ll tell you they’re terrorists, who work with intimidation and tyranny to inflict as much pain as they can on those believed to be weaker- i.e. they’re tough.

And it’s that exact contradiction in viewpoint that can be used in subjugating bullying once and for all.

Once we unveil the truth about bullies- they lose their eminence and the status symbol that future bullies may be looking up to.

In teen-reign; people rarely scratch below the surface- you are what you present yourself to be, and fa├žades are all the rage. This freedom opens up the door to establish your own identity, and be set free from traditional constraints which children and adults are liable to. Off course the downside is that some people may abuse this new-found freedom.

If you want to appear as the ultra-wild hippy, no one will check if your family is actually of conservative Catholics. And if you decide you want to be the rebel to system, who’ll find out that your dad’s a republican? No one’s going to do a background check on you, or pay attention to the small details, and at the same time you won’t have your family breathing down your neck like when you were a kid.

Bullies are simply regular people who got the opportunity to act out, and took it as a free pass to vent as much as they can while they can- if you saw one of them at home, I’m betting you’ll have the surprise of a lifetime. What goes over most peoples’ heads is that this is actually a pretty strong chink in their armor.

– Would someone need to overcompensate something if they had a good balance in general? (We all have problems, but how far you’re willing to react to these problems is an indicator of your self-control and strength)

-Why do you think cyber-bullying is so common nowadays? (Believed to decrease your chances of getting caught in the act)

– Throughout the years, all of the scientists and shrinks who’ve frowned upon aggression, and associated it with mental disadvantage- they must have had some point, right?

Bottom line: If someone who’s willing to throw their problems on others because they’re incapable of handling them- does that make them macho-man, or really someone quite pathetic?

Don’t be fooled by the shiny exterior, it rarely had anything to do with the reality of things- and that’s what needs to be laid out into the open: the truth about Bullies!

Remember that you’re not targeting this campaign at a specific person; getting even rarely works when you’re biased and full of vengeance.You’re doing this for anyone who needs a helping hand, and anyone who needs a reality check.

Get the word out there and start sharing what you’ve discovered- use the internet, share with friends and family, make a poster even and get permission to hang it at your school.

Be creative, but even more importantly- be honest; that’s usually the only way to actually get through to people

And finally make a difference, for yourself and others alike.

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