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Understanding Instagram Part II

Understanding Instagram Part II

Instagram Bullying: Reporting Scheme

If you think that there is immediate cause for concern, you can send a report to the Instagram Team. They ask you to provide all necessary information for them to quickly respond to an issue that urgently needs their attention, which includes image descriptions and dates, URLs, and valid usernames.

If you’re a parent, and in the event that your child feels they are being cyber bullied by another user on Instagram, there are few steps that you can take. The first step is to remove your teen from the situation. Carefully analyze both sides of the situation and if you decide further action is required, then Instagram recommends reviewing their Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

If your teen is running into issues with a particular user on Instagram who is violating their Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, your teen can report photos and content directly in Instagram with their built-in flagging feature. This can include nude photos, abuse, and excessive spam.According to Instagram, flagging is totally anonymous; no information about the flagger is sent to the user whose account or photo has been flagged.

In order to flag a photo, tap the “…” below the photo you would like to report and then “Flag as Inappropriate”, and in order to flag a comment, tap the “Comment” button below the image, swipe right on the comment you would like to report, then tap the “!” and select “Report Abuse.”

You can proactively review your child’s Instagram Privacy Settings with them to help avoid situations that might require action on your part.

Instagram Bullying:How can you protect your tween from Instagram Bullying?

Just like anything else on the web, a parent should monitor the applications and sites their kids are using. It is important to discuss online safety skills, and talk about respectful online behaviour. To make things even safer, ask them to share their account’s ID and password, to use them in case things got risky.

When it comes to Instagram Bullying, parents can help keep their kids a bit more safe from the public exposure that this application can give them. A parent should make sure that their child is ready for using the application. Even if the child meets the age requirements (13 years, minimum), that does not mean that your child possesses the maturity to use a photo-based social network appropriately. If you question your child’s readiness, don’t allow Instagram to be downloaded.

Be certain that the privacy settings on Instagram are changed from the default of public so that your children’s photos can only be viewed by friends and followers. That can be done by going to your child’s profile page, scrolling to the bottom of the page and find the switch labelled “Photos are private”, and changing the setting to “Photos are private” and turn ON the privacy setting switch.

Your kids should also know that they should approve only of followers they know in “real life” – keep checking back with them to make sure they are following these guidelines. Furthermore, you should also make sure your kids know that geotagging photos can give away their locations and can cause trouble in the future. Geotagging is by default off on Instagram, but it is easy to inadvertently tap the tag feature, so show your kids how to tap it again to turn it off.

Instagram Bullying:The regular advice against bullies is: Block and report

Instagram users who are sharing inappropriate pictures or making rude and bullying comments should and can be blocked and reported. Go to the profile page of the offender and tap the button in the top right corner of the screen, then tap “block user” or “report user” (upon which you’ll be given options for why this user is being reported).

Just like with many other social media applications and sites, much of the protection parents can provide for their children begins with the basics of Internet and technology safety. Awareness on both the teenagers’ side and the parents’ is the key to facing the challenges of social media.

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