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Understand the Reasons Why Bullies Bully

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The truth is that most parents who have passed through the pain of seeing their children suffering from the effects of bullying can’t help wondering why bullies bully. Why would a sane person gain pleasure from causing pain and humiliation to another?

Experts have also tried to come up with possible explanations with one of the most common being that bullies are usually after gaining a superior status among their peer groups either to gain popularity or the power to dominate them.

It is only by understanding why bullies bully that we can be able to understand just how they pick their prey or victim. When a bully wants to become popular, it is understood that he will pick on the most unpopular kid, one who has for one reason or another been shunned by the peer group. The bully will reason that the peer group will applaud this anti-social behaviour and he or she will then become popular at the expense of the poor victim.

Why Bullies Bully

On the other hand, a bully who is after power will go after kids who are vulnerable and therefore unable to defend themselves. Vulnerable kids are not likely to tell anyone about their being bullied which the bullies seem to sense somehow making them perfect prey.

Another explanation to bullying is the culture in which the bully was brought up. Some cultures actually glorify violence, winning and power. There are also some forms of entertainment that glorify violence and bullies. It is therefore understandable that kids brought up in such cultures and households will grow up seeing nothing wrong with violence and fighting to get what they want.

If the bully comes from a home where fighting and violence is the order of the day, then he or she will see it as an acceptable behaviour in the society. The same case happens to be true in schools where there is a lot of bullying happening and helps understand Why Bullies Bully.

A child who is bullied and rejected could also turn into a bully too.

Power may also prompt people to bully others. Teenagers who are given power over the others should also be trained in leadership skills to keep them from exercising it in a negative way.

Who are the bullies? and Why Bullies Bully?  learn all about it here. 

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