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Types of Stalkers, An Update

Types of Stalkers

Diagnosing the different types of stalkers has meant a great breakthrough for science and also for law enforcement and judicial sentencing. Psychologists have only recently convinced the public authorities that stalking is a symptom of mental illness, usually psychotic in nature, and leads to violent attacks and homicide. In fact, a study in the USA academic field has reported that 76 percent of women murdered were first stalked by their killer before the assault. That gives credence to the need for credible typing of the stalker’s mental disorder to gain treatment for the stalker before criminal violence occurs. Such treatment will naturally come from judicial sentencing after a complaint from the victim. This is much superior to the lax sentencing that has been adjudicated in the past.

Now stalking is a criminal offense in some American states and also in the UK Dr. Frank Farnham, UK psychiatrist, has begun a clinic treating diagnosed types of stalkers in a private setting. Not only is treatment administered at this clinic, but invaluable knowledge is also gained about the stalking disorders.

His study contributed greatly to the diagnosing and understanding of the recognized stalking types:

Types of Stalkers: Rejection based stalking

A spouse or other romantic partner may swing inexplicably between pleas for reconciliation and threats of revenge. It requires a narcissistic entitlement personality and this type usually believe this is the only relationship they will have. An obvious trend to personality disorders is evident in this type of stalker.

Types of Stalkers: Intimacy Stalker

This type stalker firmly and undeniably intends to have a relationship with the stalked victim regardless of that person’s wishes. Most intimacy stalkers are quite delusional, believing the victim feels the same. They also believe firmly that the stalking purpose will succeed and the stalker and stalked will be together. For this reason, taking legal actions is not often successful against this stalker because they justify their actions by believing they are paying a price for their ultimate success.

Types of Stalkers: Incompetent Stalker

This type is usually male, who has been refused when asking a woman out. Socially inept, he then begins to stalk, thinking his perseverance will win her over.

Types of Stalkers: Resentful Stalker

This type stalker believes he has been treated unfairly or even humiliated by their victim and thrive on an odd sense of power and control over the victim with their stalking. Of course, they view themselves as the victim and having revenge.

Types of Stalkers: Predatory Stalker

These stalkers are preparing to sexually attack a random victim. These stalkers achieve real pleasure from researching information and details about their target in preparation for the assault. They fantasize about the planned assault. These are habitual offenders and usually have prior convictions for sexual crimes and stalking offenses.

Internationally the consideration of stalking as a crime has gained footing, but most other countries have tied their legislation against stalking into crimes of domestic abuse and have ignored the type stalking that is against a random stranger or well known celebrity. Other international issues arise for legislation also, as stalkers have been known to follow victims abroad to continue the stalker’s plan.

When a celebrity story of harassment and stalking hits the news media, it is news fodder for a few days, but the victim must endure costs of security staff, attorneys’ fees and lost time from work in order to see the prosecution through after the stalker is apprehended. Unfortunately, sentences are still short and the perpetrator is released before any treatment is given through sentencing and the judicial system. This means the victim is again the target of the stalker’s plan, sometimes with increased vengeance.

Cyber stalking is the newest form of stalking that has yet to be categorized into a true psychological type as the fore mentioned five. The purpose of the cyber stalker can be as malevolent as the physical stalker and just as insidious. The cyber stalker is able to in essence follow the victim around the internet to those sites germane to the victim’s interests or affiliations. Then the stalker can annoy, harass and verbally attack the victim endlessly. The reputation of the victim is attacked as well as their privacy and personal activities.

Summary on Types of Stalkers

The pertinent legislation for internet bullying and internet stalking is still embryonic, but that work is being done. Due to the high attention to the internet bullying aspect, those resolving issues may be in place before the adequate physical stalker is professionally treated by way of judicial sentence. It will require a composite of efforts within the public and judicial communities to get control of the escalating problem of stalking. Determining it a crime in various states of the USA or as a domestic issue is other countries is not a solution, but one giant step.

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