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Types Of Body Bullying People Have To Deal With

Body Bullying

Dealing with body bullying is a lot more difficult than what people think. However, some people need to know if they are actually being bullied or if the information they are being told is nothing more than a joke that they are taking the wrong way. By knowing this information, people will have a great time in getting the right information and know if they are going to overcome some of the bullying that is taking place or not. Without this, people will have to assume they are being bullied all the time and this can lead to them having issues they never thought they would have.

Types Of Body Bullying: Verbal Bullying

This is the type of bullying that people will commonly encounter. This could be done in several ways, but this type of bullying is always done with words. The words, which may start out as a joke, can be taken too far and this can lead to them feeling bullied or picked on. Here are some of the common types of verbal bullying that can be about people’s bodies.

Teasing is one of the types of verbal bullying. Yes, people can still tease, but they need to realize the teasing is going to far at times and this can lead to them feeling bullied. So people need to be careful what they are saying about people and how often they are saying it to avoid being considered a bully because of the teasing they are doing.

Taunting is another type of verbal bullying and one which can easily be tied into the body bullying aspect. The way this can be turned around is when people are taunting someone who does not have a perfect body or has some imperfections they are working on. Typically the one with these problems already knows about them and is trying to change, but the other person will constantly taunt them about the changes they have made and how much better their body is compared to the person who is being bullied.

Types Of Body Bullying: Social Bullying

This type of bullying is one which really happens among friends or supposed friends. However, this is the type of bullying that can cause the most harm because it tends to hurt people’s feelings and the way they are thinking about acting. However, people may not realize what makes up this type of bullying and how it can have a negative impact on other people.

– Leaving someone out on purpose is a form of social bullying. The person can be left out because other people are disappointed in their body or looks. However, it can be done because they do not like the way the person talks. Nonetheless, people will have their feelings hurt and not feel good about what is being done towards them.

Spreading rumors is another problem that people have to overcome as well. This type of bullying would be when people start to say something, but do not really find out if their is any type of truth to the rumor before they go on and spread it again. For example, some people may start to rumor about a girl who uses items to enhance her body, but keeps spreading the rumor without it even being true.

Physical Bullying Over Someone’s Body

This type of bullying, as the look of the word already says is when something physical happens to people. This could be a variety of things, but it always has to have some type of physical force to happen and this can lead to people getting hurt by others because of the bullying.

– Hitting someone because of how their body looks is one of the main types of bullying that people will be facing. When people are getting hit, they will be hurt because of the punch, but it will also be because of the feelings that they have. However, this could also be because people are targeting a specific portion of the body that people are not confident about and hitting them in this area, rather than doing anything else to them.

– Spitting on people is another form of physical violence that can be considered bullying. This type of bullying, while not directly impacting people and their health can embarrass people and make them feel unwelcome. So people need to consider what they are doing when they are spitting.

Having been bullied is never a good thing, but it does happen to people all the time. To avoid the bullying some people need to know what are the three common types of body bullying and if it is a joke or actually being bullied. Without this information, people may have trouble in getting to know if they have been the victim of a prank or a bully.

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