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Two Main Ways to Prevent a Bully Attack

Most people have dealt being teased or ridiculed at least once or twice in their lifetime. Bullying can be found at school, the playground, and even the workplace. Fear and intimidation are usually the weapons of choice, and they are used to humiliate and control people. Dealing with someone who causes another child to fear or make their life unpleasant does not have to be an impossible task. So what is a bully attack?

What is a Bully? and what is a Bully Attack?

One must first understand what type of person who would enjoy causing another person to live in fear. According to Merriam’s Webster Dictionary, “a bully is a person who frightens, hurts, or threatens a smaller or weaker person”. It has been suggested that someone using these tactics, usually is being bullied by someone else, such as another child or even an adult.

Bully Attack in History

Bullying has been a problem in society for centuries. They can found all throughout history. Many of the tyrants that ruled ancient civilizations were bullies. They did not have compassion on the weak and poor, but they saw weakness in a society and decided to rule over a people with an iron fist.

Many people would not continue to live with oppression or dictatorship and formed uprisings to overthrow many historical rulers. The same basic principles used to overcome a tyrants in history can be used today.

Bullying and the Bully Attack in Schools

Public schools are the primary place for perpetrators. Children are becoming more concerned with being teased and humiliated at school than their academic achievement. Research conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, a research division of the United Stated Department of Education, “states that at least one in four children is a victim of bullying every year”.

One day a mother came home from work to find her 13 year old daughter in her room crying. The mother asked, “Whats wrong”? The daughter yelled out, “I am not going back to school ever again, I just can’t take it anymore”! “What happened at school?” the mother asked. The daughter replied, “They talk about my clothes, my hair, they way I talk and walk. Sometimes, they even push me down. The mother paused for a moment and thought about her years as an insecure teenage girl and how to overcome her fear of being teased and abused by others at school. She came up with two main ideas to help her daughter prevent an attack.

Two Ways to Prevent a Bully Attack

1. Be Confident.

Confidence is the number one way to prevent an attack. As the before mentioned definition states, bullies usually target people who they feel they can take advantage or they feel are weaker than themselves. Confidence may not come naturally to some individuals, but it is something that a person can work on and increase with practice. Confidence is displayed in many ways; it shows in one’s walk, talk, and overall demeanor. When at school, children should walk with their head up and look straight ahead. Don’t walk with your head held down. When talking, look people in the eyes and don’t look down when you are talking to people. The main idea is to show signs of confidence in your actions and mannerisms. Practicing these steps around the house will help the child display confidence more naturally when in public.

2. Make friends.

Another great way to prevent becoming a victim is to make as many friends as possible. There is power in large numbers. Bullies tend to pick on people who are considered easy prey. They like to isolate their victims. The risk of being picked on out of a large crowd of people is low. Children should find other children that they have something in common with and hang out with them on a daily basis. Even if one finds themselves a victim of an attack, having friends to confide in will make the situation seem less overwhelming. Friends will become a source of great support in a time of need.

Having to deal with a bully is not easy or fun, but following the above mentioned steps will help with increasing confidence in oneself and developing skills to deal with preventing adverse or intimidating situations.

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