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Top Five Internet Safety Websites

Websites For Internet Safety

Parenting used to be so easy, you could send your kids out and let them play for hours on end without even having to check on them. However, with the Internet, parenting has become a lot harder and often it is because so many kids are using the Internet to get everything done. This has led to kids being exposed to more problems, but also led to the kids getting hurt because they are not safe when working online. This is when you, the parent, should know about the top five Internet Safety Websites and how these Internet Safety Websites can teach you to protect your children from any type of harm.

Internet Safety Websites:

This is a website that is produced by Nancy Willard who is one of the leading experts in cyber safety. This website will teach you what kind of risk your teen or kid in general is facing when they are going on the Internet, but also how to combat these problems. You will also find this website does offer quite a bit of information on the critical areas you need to be worried about for your kids. You will also discover information on how you can be more of a friend to your kids while they are online, rather than being the mean and hated parent. Either way, you will find quite a bit of information available on this site to help keep your kids safe while they are using the Internet.

Internet Safety Websites:

While most people have never heard of this site, it has proved to be a wealth of information for people to use. This website is set up in a blog format, so information is always coming out on the site, but it also has archives of the older post. So you can easily catch up on the safety issues that are facing children today when they connect to the Internet. However, you can also use this website to get some of the quick hitting advice you need if your kids are starting to bug you about going on the Internet right away, instead of waiting until you are ready for them to reach out on the Internet.

Internet Safety Websites:

Ever since it came out kids have been bugging their parents about getting a Facebook account. While most of the time the parents will have an account as well and be able to keep track of their kids activities that way, they need to know Facebook does offer a family safety center. In this center you can learn about all aspects of the website, how they protect kids, and even what the guidelines are. With this information in hand, the parents can easily take the information and make sure they are giving this to their kids. Then the kids will know what is expected of them when they are on one of the most popular websites in the world, Facebook. Without this, your kids may not know what they are supposed to do and easily open themselves up to some type of attack.

Internet Safety Websites:

This website is one which you may find interesting as it covers almost all the different aspects of electronics and how kids can easily abuse the electronics to get more of what they want. For example, one of the featured topics on the website is kids and video games and how this can hurt the children in some regards, but also help them learn to become independent and think outside of the box in other aspects. Either way this is a website that can provide you with quite a bit of information on how being a parent in the modern world is a lot different than being a parent in the old world.

Internet Safety Websites: Family Online Safety Institute

As the name already states, this is a website that is geared towards the safety of kids and the family in general. The advice you find here does not only apply to your kids, but can be used for yourself as well. One article that is really important on the website is how the rise in teen identity theft is hurting them later on in life. Just imagine reading that one article, could easily save your teen quite a bit of trouble and heartache later on in their life because of something they did many years before that got them in trouble.

Protecting kids and yourself on the Internet is a lot harder than what you think. This is when you should know about the top five Internet Safety Websites and how these can help educate you and your kids. With this information, you can easily keep yourself safe and know you are not going to be raising children who cannot properly use the Internet to learn. 

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