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Tony Abbott Releases Anti Bullying Video To Australian Children

Tony Abbott

On March 20th, that is Today, Schools all over Australia are joining the activities of the Australian National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence and Tony Abbott, Australia’s Prime Minister is on board releasing this heartfelt video message to children all across the country.

In the video message, Tony Abbott says “we are all different, we are all unique, we are all special and that is why there is no place for bullying in the playground and on the internet.”

He adds “If you are being bullied, I want you to know that I am behind you, your teachers are behind you, and your family is behind you as well.”

The aim of the day that schools, teachers, parents and mostly students are displaying one message: Bullying and violence are NOT OKAY!

According to, more than 890,000 students from 1950 schools are participating across Australia to collectively support the important message and ‘take a stand’ against bullying and violence in their school community.

Every school has a choice to run its own program of activities today and work closely with children to stress that bullying and violence are not okay at any time or in any situation.

We at NoBullying, couldn’t be more proud of Australia’s effort in curbing bullying and we encourage schools worldwide to start doing the same.

Remember: if you are being bullied in Australia, here are some helpline numbers to help you get through it today

Kids Helpline: 1800-55-1800
Lifeline: 131114

Tell us: Did you participate in the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence in Australia today? What did you do?

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